Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP), Multan

 Private Sector Ι Chartered by Government of Punjab


The Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP) is located at 9 Km from Chungi No. 9 and 8 Km from the present campus at Bosan Road which is the hall-mark of educational scenario as most of the prominent Institutes of higher education of Multan. The Institute of Southern Punjab is a Degree Awarding Institution Chartered by the Government of Punjab and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
The Institute of Southern Punjab has also been permitted PEC, NTC, and PCP. ISP Multan is the pioneer privately managed chartered Degree Awarding Institute in the South Punjab region. ISP provides a flexible fee payment package.
Multan is the only ancient city, the “Manchester” of Pakistan that is recognized as the abode of great ethnic clusters let it be my Punjabi cluster or others such as Balochi, Sindh, and Pashtuns. It is the most honorable city of Pakistan comprising of many religions. The dominant religion that existed in Multan was no doubt “Islam” which give rise to its mystic side called Tasawwuf or Sufism. Multan is the hub of the commercial and industrial areas of Pakistan. This city is not just blessed by numerous resources or agricultural products but also comprises the most artistic and skilled people in the world. Another amazing aspect of Multani culture is its “Food”. This land contains many different languages but its special language is “Saraiki” one of the sweetest languages in Pakistan. Despite the differences in language people of Multan are so warm and loving.

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Admissions will be open to all based upon merit and subject to the meeting of criteria irrespective of race, gender, and ethnicity, or socio-economic conditions. Admissions to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs are opened twice a year i.e. for the Fall Semester.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs:
– Students with 12 years of education from any registered institutes and with at least 45%- 50% mark according to their field. At least students should have passed the examination with the second division.

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs:
– Students with 16 years of education in a related field are eligible to apply with having at least 2.5 cgpa in BS.

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The Institute of Southern Punjab offers many scholarships to students who deserve to study and to enhance their dreams by providing many scholarships like Ehsaas Scholarship, HEC Needs Based Scholarship Program, and many more.

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