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University of Loralai

About Us

The university was established in 2009 as a sub-campus of the University of Balochistan (UOB) Quetta.. The tentative proposal of the university was approved in the ECNEC meeting held on May 2011, allocation of Rs. 1518.751 million allocated by the HEC as per PC-1. UoL is the third general university in Baluchistan province and first one in the Zhob Division. University of Loralai will serve as center of quality education and is keen to develop competence in communications by critical thinking, dissemination of science and technology knowledge at national and international level.

Faculties & Departments

UoL offers admission in many fields.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. 12 years of education with a minimum of 50% marks
2. 50% marks in entry test

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. 16 years of education with minimum CGPA 2.5/4 or 45% marks in annual system.
2. 50% in entry test.

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration
Business Studies

Department of Commerce


Department of Education


UoL is equally helping the bright and the poor students in their education. A variety of scholarships are available at UoL for the students to achieve their goals including Merit-based scholarships and Need Base Scholarships.

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Research & Development
Seminars & Workshops
University Ranking

UoL is functioning with the departments of Management Sciences, Computer Science and commerce. UoL is third general university in Balochistan and the first university in Zhob division. UoL is acting as a center of quality education eager to provide competence in communication by critical thinking, dissemination of science and technology at national and international level.

Seminars and workshops are important for the students to gain knowledge, to improve their skills. UoL has organized such seminars and workshop.

1. A three days Training by HEC and UoL under CPD Faculty training Program on 7-9 September 2018 organized by the CPD course Co-coordinator and Chairperson Management Sciences Department.
2. A workshop on Polet Testing for the restructuring of MT-Faculty Professional Development Program on 6 July 2018 organized by UoL.