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Pakistan Naval Engineering College (PNEC), NUST Karachi Campus

Pakistan Naval Engineering College

About Us

The Pakistan Naval Engineering College (PNEC) is a constituent college of NUST located in Karachi. PNEC is operated by the Pakistan Navy. The Pakistan Naval Engineering College was initially affiliated with Karachi University. PNEC was established in 1962, as Officers Training Section (OTS).
In 1977 the affiliation of PNEC was transferred to NED University of Engineering & Technology college. PNEC was shifted to its present location in 1982 and commissioned as PNS JAUHAR. In 1995, PNEC was transformed and transitioned into a larger constituent campus of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad; serving an iconic center of excellence in engineering education.
Pakistan Naval Engineering College is a pre-eminent engineering institute in Pakistan. PNEC strives constantly to enhance quality in teaching, research, public services, personal and professional grooming, economic and human development. PNEC, an institute established in pursuit of excellence, is dedicated to higher learning, discovering new knowledge, sharing of this knowledge through education for the nation; and the application of this knowledge to benefit humanity.
The primary role of Pakistan Naval Engineering College is to produce navy engineers for the Pakistan Navy and the government of Pakistan. To achieve this, PNEC offers many undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering. Pakistan Naval Engineering College ensures high quality in academics and research works in the degree programs in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
The motto of the PNEC is “Committed to Excellence”.

Pakistan Naval Engineering College
Pakistan Naval Engineering College (PNEC), NUST Karachi Campus

Pakistan Naval Engineering College – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

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Pakistan Naval Engineering College offers admission every semester in various fields. Admission in PN is purely on a merit-based and previous academic career.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs 1. Applicants must have 12 years of education with at least 60% marks from a recognized institute. 2. Students having O/A-level or any foreign qualification must provide an equivalence certificate by the Intermediate Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs 1. Applicants must have completed 16 years of education with 60% marks. 2. GAT-General with a minimum 50% cumulative score will be required. Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs 1.18 years of the relevant field with CGPA 3.0/4.0 or 3.75/5.0 (Semester System) and first division (Annual System). 2. GRE (Subject) as per the policy of HEC or NTS GAT (Subject) with a minimum score of 60%

Department of Cyber Securityu003cgwmw style=u0022display:none;u0022u003e

Cyber Security

Department of Electronics and Power Engineeringu003cgwmw style=u0022display:none;u0022u003e

Electronics Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering

Department of Applied Sciences


Department of Mechanical Engineeringu003cgwmw style=u0022display:none;u0022u003e

Mechanical Engineering

Department of Electrical Control Engineeringu003cgwmw style=u0022display:none;u0022u003e

Electrical Control Engineering

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing  Engineering u003cgwmw style=u0022display:none;u0022u003e

Manufacturing  Engineering and Management

Department of Electrical Communication Engineering

Electrical Communication Engineering

Department of Management Information System

Management Information Systems

Department of Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) NUST offers the following Scholarships and financial aid for the financially challenged students and other students as well.
1.Need-Based Financial Aid.
2. Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Students.
3. Assistance-ship for Postgraduate Students.

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u003cstrongu003eResearch u0026amp; Developmentu003c/strongu003e
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Research is the central and the most important part of university education in Pakistan and other countries as well. The University should provide a platform for students to help them in discovering new techniques for creative innovations. The mission of Pakistan Navy Engineering College NUST is to coordinate with students for research and development at the national and international levels as well.

Seminars and workshops are essential for students, teachers, and others as well. It helps to keep the person updated about new trends and technologies. It is important for every university to arrange seminars and workshops for its students. Seminars and workshop organized by Pakistan Naval Engineering College are:

1. Robotics Workshop 2.0 2. ASHRAE Adobe Photoshop 2018 3. Design and Build Awesome Products