Top 10 Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

The armed forces of Pakistan have a vital role in upholding the sovereignty, constitution, defending territories, and in the education sector. Pakistan has a well reputable cadet college system that is expanded all over the country. Parents prefer these institutes more because apart from providing quality education, their prime focus is physical fitness, discipline, and lay emphasis on building a character. Being patriotic, it’s a dream of every young Pakistani to join the armed forces.

Updated List of Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

For the first, we have curated a complete list of cadet colleges in Pakistan. You can search the cadet colleges using different search filters as well. You may access that list here.

The cadet colleges in Pakistan have produced the best of the best military officers. Though there are plenty of cadet colleges in Pakistan, it’s a bit hard for parents and students to select any that’ll be suitable for them. For your ease, I’ve enlisted some top cadet colleges around the country that’ll nurture the future officers of Pakistan.

1.Cadet College Hasan Abdal

Introducing the concept of cadet colleges, the Hassan Abdal Cadet College was the first cadet college built in Pakistan in 1954 under the regime of General Ayub Khan. It has earned a name because of its quality education, first-class facilities, and brilliant preference. The college is situated in Attock, a district of Punjab. It is spread over 98 acres, with various playing grounds, sports courts, a swimming pool, and a 16-bed hospital. At present, there are more than 500 students enrolled in Cadet College Hassan Abdal.

2. Cadet College Murree

Established in 2002, the Cadet College Murree is an independent cadet college that provides education according to the standards of the Pakistan Army. Being a non-profit autonomous institute, it controlled by the multi-denominational Board of Directors, not by Pakistan armed forces. Aside from basic education, the college thrives on modern and scientific ideas to groom the creative thinking of students. It is located in the center of Murree, at a distance of about 64 km from Islamabad. The site is eye-catching with chilling weather and beautiful hills.

3. Cadet College Jehlum

Founded in 1922, the Cadet College Jehlum is one the oldest college in Pakistan, that produces confident, disciplined, and courageous young cadets to be future officers in the armed forces. The college is situated at GT Road in the Jehlum district of Punjab, at a distance of 60 km from Gujrat. The city is surrounded by hills that make the site extra-ordinary. The college provides sports grounds, a swimming pool, a gym, and a hostel to the students. It’s a complete residential complex. The college is controlled by the management committee that is responsible for the overall governance.

4. Cadet College Petaro

Being the second-oldest college in the country, the cadet college provides education and training according to the customs and traditions of the Pakistan military. Located at Jamshoro, Sindh, it is expanded over 700 acres. The college was built in 1957 at Mirpur Khas, then later shifted to Petaro in 1959. The students are taught etiquette, manners, and the qualities of a leader. The college has 400 employees working in different departments. Apart from sports grounds, and hostels, the Cadet College Petaro also has a parade ground.

5. Cadet College Rawalpindi

Being a private NGO institute, the Cadet College Rawalpindi imparts world-class education to students along with providing scientific knowledge to groom student’s creative minds for a better understanding of the modern world. The college is a project of Pakistan Education Development Organization, Pakistan Education Development Organization(PEDO) supervised by the retired Officers of Pakistan Navy and Education Directorate. The college is situated at Qartaba City South Bound Service Area، Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Rawalpindi. Currently, 400 students are enrolled in the college.

6. Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Located in Kohat, KPK, the Garrison Cadet College is ranked among the top colleges in Pakistan. Since its inauguration in 1993, the college has never compromised in education and ethics. The college is expanded over 85 acres and the site is mesmerizing. Aside from common sports, the college offers archery, paragliding, and obstacle course. The college has various clubs and societies, including the shooting club, dramatic club, science, and horticulture club. The college has criteria for sheer intelligence and smartness.

7. Cadet College Sui

The only well-known military college in Baluchistan is the cadet College Sui. Established in 2011, the college has earned the name in a very short span of time. Built almost a decade ago, the college has achieved a standard because of its great effort in the education sector. Therefore, earned the name in the list of famous cadet colleges. The college is situated in the town of Sui in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is directly controlled by Pakistan Army and supervised by the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.

8. Cadet College Lahore

Among other famous colleges that focus on education, physical fitness, and mental health, Cadet College Lahore is one of them. The college imparts quality education, discipline, and etiquette. Situated at Main Multan Road, Lahore opposite Bahria Town, the college was founded in 1995. The college progression is to train students as officers in Pakistan Armed Forces, other national and federal organizations. Students are tutored according to military standards to join Armed Forces as commissioned officers at the Cadet College Lahore.

9. Cadet College Kohat

Built in 1965, from a single building, and making its way all the up to the top-ranking education institutes, is the Cadet College Kohat. The college was founded by General Ayub Khan. The college is known for its high standard education, its strict rules, and severe disciplinary attitude. Expanding over an area of 144 acres, the college is situated at the boundary of the Kohat direct, KPK. It is controlled by the Board of Governors including federal and military officials. The college has its own alumni and a multi-media block for e-learning.

10. Cadet College Pasrur

Emphasize on producing the most well-polished future officers, the Cadet College Pasrur is strict on education and character. Inaugurated in 2011, it is located in Pasur, at a distance of 5km from Sialkot, Punjab. The college has highly qualified teaching staff comprise of military officials, who not only provide quality education but also boost the student’s athletic abilities. Focus on physical fitness and enhancing cadets’ muscular attire, the Cadet College Pasrur is at the topmost.


Cadet colleges are excellent educational institutions as their prime focus is not only to offer academic excellence but also to produce future leaders. They are strict on discipline, ethics, and character. A well-polished cadet is intelligent and smart enough to present his country at the global forum.