25 Best Universities Offering MBA in Pakistan

This list of the top 25 MBA universities in Pakistan comprises a comprehensive list of top-ranked universities in Pakistan that offer MBA programs in various fields. These universities are known for providing quality education and producing successful graduates who are well-equipped to meet the demands of the modern business world. The universities on the list … Read more

How to Create a College’s Web Page? Free – Jaamiah College’s Directory

Join Jaamiah as college for free.

We’ve launched Jaamiah College Directory with the purpose to help the digitalization of the education sector of Pakistan. This online profile or webpage is not just about generating more admission leads for your college, it’ll allow you to take the first big leap toward digitalization. Being part of our platform, not only helps you’ll grow … Read more

Top 10 Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

The armed forces of Pakistan have a vital role in upholding the sovereignty, constitution, defending territories, and in the education sector. Pakistan has a well reputable cadet college system that is expanded all over the country. Parents prefer these institutes more because apart from providing quality education, their prime focus is physical fitness, discipline, and … Read more

List of Accreditation Councils by HEC Pakistan

List of Accreditation Councils in Pakistan by HEC

Certain universities in Pakistan are offering courses in Pakistan that are not approved by the respective accreditation councils of Pakistan. Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has updated a list of Accreditations Councils of Pakistan on their website. It is advised to the students and parents to check the name of University on the Council’s … Read more