Best Professional Degrees in Pakistan

A professional degree is a degree that formulates a person to work in a certain profession. Professional degrees may include graduate or undergraduate entry, gambling on the profession concerned and the country, and maybe classified as bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees.

For a variety of reasons, professional degrees may bear the name of a different level of qualification from their classification in qualifications frameworks, e.g. some UK professional degrees are named bachelor’s but are a master’s level, while some Australian and Canadian professional degrees have the name “doctor” but are classified as master’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Career choice is the turning point in the life of any person. In this modern world, new career choices are emerging according to the need of time. People are choosing new professions but still, some professions remain on the top list.   Therefore students should choose our future career very carefully.

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future.”

Top 10 Careers in Pakistan

Business Administration

The most needed after course of Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the elevated paying career options in the present situation. Individuals with MBA degree can have a variety of jobs at different organizations or companies. Business administration students can do specialization in different fields including Banking, Finance, Accounting and human resource management (HRM).  

  There are so many jobs for those people who are having a master’s degree in business administration. He can be a Bank Manager or a Project Manager, Audit Officer, Financial Planner, Accountant, Marketing Specialist, Marketing and Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, HRM, Chief Executive Officer, and many other jobs.       

Medical Related Fields

Students should go for medical-related fields because a career in the medical field is considered one of the most respectable and top careers. There are various specializations in medical-related fields. The jobs which are related to the medical field are doctor, Physician, Dentists which nowadays are in high demand, occupational physiotherapists, surgeons, anesthesia specialists, audiologists, radiologists, and other healthcare jobs.  

You can get a pretty good amount of salary in this field. As the healthcare sector is expanding well in our country, people with good experience are needed in this sector in order to entertain the citizens with the best and up to date health facilities.

Best Medical Universities in Pakistan

Following are some top universities offering different medical programs. You may decide the institution based on your interest, city, ranking and tution fee.

Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical & Software Engineering

The profession of engineering one of the leading and distinguished professions from the start and is still in high demand from the past years. Engineering is a vast field and one can create his/her career in this sector. This field needs lots of hard work and revolution. To be successful in this side of career dedication and passion is most important towards work along with the potential to create something new.

In this career, one can earn good amount of salary. In this field, experience plays a very vital role and the salary completely relies upon your experience and hands-on experience of the specific engineering field. Pakistan’s information technology career comes under the most leading careers since the last decade. This is one of the most encouraging and gratifying career options. In this career, professionals can earn a lot on the industrial side.         

Best Engineering Related Universities in Pakistan

A lot of universities offer engineering related programs in Pakistan. But each institution have its speciality. We have curated a lost of different universities offering programs in engineering.

Textile Designing and Fashion Designing

There’s a wide range of career options in the Fashion and Textiles sector because these two fields have made too much progress from the last few years. A textile designer can be appointed in home furnishing, fashion, garments, and the interiors segment. Primarily in garments, there is Fashion Designing, Garment Designing, Textile Designing, Cloth Fabric designing.

Although this field seems a little expensive, after taking proper education and specialization in this discipline, you can secure a large number of jobs in many organizations, institutions, and companies. You can also initiate your own private business after securing a degree as this field is counted most demanding these days.   

Career as Chartered Accountant

The career of a chartered accountant is one of the great choices of career paths. Accomplishing a degree as a Chartered Accountant (CA) can open many paths during your career. After getting highly respected and recommended CA qualifications, one could get a place in the top leading levels of accountancy, finance or business.

Skillful and fresh qualified accountants who have an interest in research, technical matters, quality control, and academics will surely have demanding opportunities along with revelation. If a career in management does not come under your interest then you can also go for  Chartered accountant. If you have good knowledge and expertise in this field you can earn a handsome salary.

Career in the Airlines Industry

In the World, the airlines carry around 3 billion passengers per year and deliver around one-third of traded goods by value. The aviation-sector profession is, therefore, one of the leading profession these days. Airlines appoint about 2.5 million workers so there is a greater chance of getting a good job position in this field.

Degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field is required to succeed in this profession. Along with this you also need to complete about two months of ground training and need more than 1,500 hrs. of experience of flight.

In past years the career was confined to only government airlines which were leading the airline industry, but now the scenario is quite different. Lots of new airlines have been launched. Due to this modification, the airline industry is expanding. The latest airlines are appointing new pilots and support personnel to cope with the increasing demand. The salary of all the airline staff is very appealing.   

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, But the fun of it is worth the price”

Career in Computer Sciences

In this era of advanced technology, the computer science field is very well. You can earn good amount if you achieve a computer science degree from a good ranking university in Pakistan. There are a variety of job options for you in this field, you can get jobs like Application Analyst, Computational Scientists, Computer repair technician, Computer system analyst, Graphic designer, Computer programmer, Software designer, software developer, Web developer, webmaster, Database administrator, etc.   

“It’s better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.”

Career as Lecturer

Most of the people think that this profession has no scope, but it is one of the top listed professions. In reality, you can make the best career in the field of education due to the establishment of new institutions day by day.

“Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher”

A  good tutor is always in high demand. On this side of career, you can do different jobs like professors, associate professors, laboratory assistants, and head of a department if you have higher qualifications in any specific field. Science subjects lecturers are under high demand like Professor of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and many other fields. You can get good government jobs on the 17th scale along with different facilities including residence, free medical services, etc.

Career in Pakistan Defence Forces

The armed forces have been playing a major role in the modern history of Pakistan, fighting main wars with India in the year 1947, 1965 and 1971, and on several occasions taking the country’s government under control. There are great job opportunities in our country’s defence forces including Pakistan Air force, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army. You can do a variety of jobs in these forces in different departments. These forces appoint the individuals as a cadet, army officer, captain, army soldier, officer commission, etc.

Career in Electronic Media Mass Communication Journalism

As media communication is undergoing a lot of advancements there are different kinds of job vacancies present in the electronic media. You can work as a journalist in which you can do research programs for television, radio and the internet news service. You can also pursue specific types of fields such as reporting covering political or sports reporting etc. You can be part of this field by adopting extraordinary communication abilities. You can get different jobs like director, producer, screenwriter, editor, journalists, anchor, etc.  

Having a good and significant professional degree is important for every student. Make the right decisions for yourself and work on them at the right time.

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