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Cadet College Kohat

About Us

Cadet College Kohat is a military based boarding school for boys of grades 8th through 12th. The high school is located on the outskirts of Kohat, Pakistan.It  provide quality education on egalitarian basis to all segments of the society on merit and competition. It is our firm conviction that education is an all-embracing activity.We have endeavored to create congenial atmosphere and conducive environment, enabling the cadets to grow and flourish and to develop their potentials and talents to become the future leaders of the country. There is a triangle of education consisting of academics, curricular and co-curricular activities, laying special emphasis on character building.

Admissions in th cadet college open in September.Students can apply online,university will then assign the entry test.

Pre engineering

It is obligatory for every institute to provide scholarships to its potential candidates based on merit. This institute provides diverse scholarships so that every individual can have equal opportunity to avail it. Merit-based scholarships are offered by cadet college kohat.

Hey, I’m about to take admission in What’s your feedback on that? #cadetcollegekohat #Jaamiah

(a) Inter House Sports competitions  (Juniors):  

sports competitions are held every year in April – May.

(b)    Inter House Sports competitions  (Seniors)          

 Football      –   K.H

 Basketball   –   R.H

 Hockey       –   R.H

 Cricket        –   R.H