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University of Jhang

About Us

The University of Jhang is public university and it is located in Jhang, Punjab. Approved by HEC. The motto of the University of Jhang is knowledge is power. The University of Jhang believes in providing effective training to the faculty and supporting staff to improve their performance level. Setting up committees to review the syllabi and the content taught to the students to meet with the challenges of the changing times. Assuring the progressive approach towards the examination and assessment system for better results.

Faculties & Departments

University prefers admission on merit.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

  1. 1.12 years of field related education with at least second division.
  2. 2.50% marks in entry test.

Department of Business Administration

Program BSM.A/MscMS/M.PhilPhd
Business Administration

Department of General Sciences

Program BSM.A/MscMS/M.PhilPhd

Scholarships provide students with an opportunity to be educated. There may be students who find it difficult to pay for their degrees. Scholarships provide these students with the opportunity to source money for education.

  • 1.HEC Need-based scholarship
  • 2.Merit-based scholarship
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Research & Development
Seminars & Workshops
University Ranking

University research has a hugely valuable long term and far-reaching impact on students.No matter which subject a student is studying, the textbook and resource they rely on to learn are the product of research. The University of Jhang aimed to provide the best educational research to the students under the supervision of qualified teachers.

Seminars and workshops are very common and popular means of interactive fora in the modern-day business world. Used effectively they can play a vital role in the dissemination of knowledge and build-up of skills. They facilitate intense deliberations through participation and interaction in an organized manner. These activities achieve the objective of bringing together a group of interested persons on a common platform for facilitating the exchange of views, ideas, and developments relating to specific topics.