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University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Chakwal Campus

About Us

Main campus of the University of Engineering and Technology was established 30 years ago. In 2005 UET first campus Taxila at Chakwal was established. In present, 400+ students are enrolled and 17:1 is the student-faculty ratio.
The main goal of this university is to become one of the excellent educational institutes. The faculty is highly talented and is committed to working hard. Everything related to education is monitored and records are kept. Each year, the goal is to perform better than last year. In the next few years, the programs will be more diversified.

Faculties & Departments

Admission opens in September. Students can download the form from the official website and submit it with the required documents to the admission office. University will assign the entry test date.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
2. At least with second division from any recognized institution.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.
Selection Criteria for graduate Programs
Candidate passed 16 years of field related education.
At least with 2.2 cGPA from any recognized institution.
50% marks in the entry test.
Selected students will be screened during the interview

Department of Engineering

Electronics Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
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Research & Development
Workshop & Seminars

The Faculty members of University of Engineering and Technology Chakwal campus are committed to engage in the excellence related to the academic and research ideas which are innovative of in the modern world. UET also has a strong relationship between academia and industries.

There are lists of workshops and seminars held, monthly. Sometimes they are held every week. Workshop on Entrepreneurship was held and it helped a lot of students to become entrepreneurs later on. However, workshops are also held on various topics e,g ‘’workshop on wireless communication and digital imaging processing’’

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