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Islamia University, Bahawalnagar Campus

About Us

The Islamia University Bahawalnagar campus was made in the era of 1975 by upgrading and improving the Jamia Abbasia historical institute. In the recent three decades, this institute has played an important role in promoting and stimulating the nation’s cultural, social, business, and economic development by giving skilled manpower.

The Student Affairs Directorate job is to create a positive and peaceful learning environment that has a role in successful learning and as well as personal development, both outside and inside the campus of Islamia University Bahawalnagar

Islamia University Bahawalnagar
Islamia University, Bahawalnagar Campus

Islamia University Bahawalnagar Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

Departments and Programs

Admission opens in July and December. Students can apply online. Students can download the form from the official website and submit it with the required documents to the admission office. University will assign the entry test date. Islamia University Bahawalnagar Campus offers admissions in several different disciplines. Admission and selection are done purely on merit and criteria.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
2. At least with second division from any recognized institution.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.

Selection Criteria for graduate Programs
1. Candidate passed 16 years of field related education.
2. At least with 2.2 cGPA from any recognized institution.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.
4. Selected students will be screened during the interview.

Department of Economics


Department of English


Department of Management Sciences

Management Sciences

Department of Computer Sciences & IT

Computer Sciences & IT

Department of Commerce


Department of Education


Department of Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

Department of Botany


Department of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Department of Mathematics


Department of Political Sciences

Political Science

Department of Urdu & Iqbaliat

Urdu & Iqbaliat

Department of Physical Education

Physical Education

Various efforts have been made to provide equal opportunity for all students to fulfill their goals despite their financial position, to polish quality intake, and to make their academic performance better, and to encourage women to play their vital role in the progress of Pakistan. Following scholarships for deserving and eligible students are given

  • HEC Need-Based Scholarship
  • Financial aid
  • Ehsass scholarship
  • Other scholarships

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Research & Development
Workshop & Seminars

Faculty, students, and staff of this institute community engage in the research and adhere, to meet the highest ethical standard and as well as Research Integrity. To promote and strengthen research culture in Islamia University Bahawalnagar and link the industry with the university which would encourage and accelerate the process of creation and innovation. It is made sure that the university’s reputation for scholarly integrity is maintained and preserved.

Seminars and workshops are sponsored by the Islamia University Bahawalnagar on a monthly bases, and some time on a weekly bases, the aim is to engage students in discussions and motivate them to present their projects. 5Seminars and workshops are arranged for the students so that they can the knowledge in less time and learn about the new facts and new innovations. Students are made to participate in these events. Some of these events bear attendance as mandatory.