KASB Institute of Technology, Karachi

 Private Sector Ι Chartered by Government of Sindh

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Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASB Institute of Technology) is a private sector university, located in Karachi. KASB Institute of Technology was founded is in the year 1999. It is the first institute of Pakistan register by the Corporate body. The mission of KASB is to maintain higher standers and excellence in the field of education.
The academic environment at KASB Institute of Technology Karachi fosters entrepreneurial skills and challenges existing paradigms. It nurtures academic excellence and presents opportunities and support to faculty to excel in their intellectual pursuits. It helps build upon an environment that is highly competitive and academic where all the modern-day facilities exist that not only support learning but also motivate individuals to involve in an academic quest of the highest standards.

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KASB Institute of Technology prefers admission on merit and selection criteria are highly competitive.

Selection Criteria for  BBA & MBA Program
1. Completion of a degree from recognized University.
2. Minimum 45% marks secured.
3. Clear the entrance test with at least 50% marks.

Selection Criteria for  MS/M.Phil Program
1. Every applicant for the first-year admission must present evidence of satisfactory completion of recognized
2. Completion of a Master’s degree in relevant discipline or 4 years of Bachelor’s degree.
3. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT – General) is a major requirement.

Selection Criteria for  Ph.D. Program
1. Completion of recognized M.Phil or Master’s degree in 1st division with 3.00 CGPA.
2. Graduate Assessment Test-Subject (GAT – Subject) is a major requirement.

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Scholarships need students to keep up sensible grades so as to stay them and maintain their studies.

1. HEC Need-based scholarship
2. From 3rd semester the scholarship is granted on following bases (50% in tuition fee for 4CGP and 25% in tuition fee for 3.75CGPA)

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