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University of Lahore (UOL), Sargodha Campus

About Us

The University of Lahore has one of its campuses in Sargodha (UOL Sargodha), offering dynamic disciplines. The campus aims to attract more international students and is working hard to exceed the standard of education according to international.

UOL Sargodha Campus has maintained and efficient heating and cooling system with a library having all kinds of books. The cafeteria has quality food at the modern expense. A lot of trips and events are arranged for students.

The study pattern and syllabus are conceptual, easy and depth. UOL Sargodha also offers scholarships to hardworking students.

UOL Sargodha Campus
UOL Sargodha Campus

UOL Sargodha Campus – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Faculties & Departments

The admission in UOL Sargodha Campus opens in June-July Students can apply online and the university assigns the students’ date of entry test with the location and roll numbers.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Students scored 50% in FSC and SSC.
2. Students’ 50% score in NTS.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 2.2cGPA in the undergraduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in GATS general test.
3. Students are screened during an interview.

Department of Computer Science

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
Computer Science
Software Engineering
Information Technology

Department of Botany

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Management Sciences

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
Business Administration
Management Science

Department of Chemistry

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of English

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
Arts in English Literature
Applied Linguistic
English literature

Department of Physics

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Zoology

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Economics

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Education

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Physiotherapy

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
DPT (5 years)

Department of Islamic Studies

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
Islamic Studies

Department of Physiology

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D
Clinical Physiology

Department of Urdu

Program BSM.A/M.ScMS/M.PhilPh.D

UOL Sargodha Campus offers the following Scholarships;
1. Financial aid.
2. HEC need-based scholarships.
3. Merit scholarships

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Research & Development
Seminars & Workshops

Research is done at the graduate level, related to the fields, offered by the university. Outsider students are also welcome to do an internship in research and project and get certified. Students are also welcome to bring new ideas regarding the research.

In workshops and seminars, a lot of activities are done. Questions are asked and answered. Students are motivated to ask the question regarding the topic and are satisfied by the guest speakers. Students also interact with the guest speakers of their field and learn about their carrier.

Following are held till now
1. 1st Quarterly Meeting and Workshop for QEC’s (W) Sector Private Universities”
2. QA Workshops for Quality Enhancement Cells at Private Sector Universities