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University of Education (UE), Bank Road Campus Lahore

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The University of Education, UE Bank Road Lahore Campus is located on  Lower Mall, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore, Punjab. The University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore is a unique and prestigious institution due to its long history of almost 83 years since its establishment in 1933. In 1976, the institution was named as Govt. College of Education for Women, Lahore, and continued to be one of the most renowned and center of excellence for teacher education in Asia. In September 2002, with the establishment of the University of Education, it is functional being UE Campus exclusively for females.
The UE Bank Road Lahore Campus is located in the heart of Lahore city with state of the art building equipped with modern ICTs. It has the privilege of being the pioneer and the largest institution for female teachers in Asia. The UE Bank Road Lahore has set higher learning goals with a blend of old traditions and modern educational techniques. The main aims of the University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore are to deliver excellence in education by producing well trained, skilled, and committed teachers who served within Pakistan and the rest of the world. The UE Bank Road Lahore Campus is playing a vital role in the economy through women empowerment. Attractive opportunities are available for co-curricular activities, competitions, and sports.

UE Bank Road Lahore Campus -Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

UE Bank Road Lahore Campus
University of Education (UE), Bank Road Campus Lahore

University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore offers admissions undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can apply online. University will then assign the entry test date.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs 1
. Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
2. 50 % in metric and intermediate.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.
Selection Criteria for graduate Programs
1. 16 years of education with at least a second division from any recognized institution.
2. 50% marks in the entry test.
3. Minimum 2.2 CGPA
4. Selected students will be screened during the interview.

Department of History


Department of Botany


Department of Economics and Business Administration

Business Administration

Department of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Department of Education


Department of English


Department of Mathematics


Department of Urdu


Department of Zoology


University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore provides much financial assistance to its students for their ease and encouragement. Following are the scholarships that are provided to the students
– Need-based scholarship.
– Merit-based scholarship.
– Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF).
– Pak Canada Debt Swap Project (PCDSP).

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Leading and performing research is a fundamental piece of the establishment experience, particularly with regards to undergrad. It gives a lot of advantages including diagnostic aptitudes and encouraging basic deduction and through hands-on learning. Research is the best and reliable way to understand and act on the complexities of various issues that we as humans are facing. The main purpose of the research is to get deep into the topic so that something helpful can churn out, which can be helpful for everybody and used in that particular sector.

University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore conducted various seminars and workshops for the well being of their students. These events are held on a monthly or yearly basis. The schedule is provided to students through the website or notice board. Some of them are; – On 23rd November 2017, a Lecture on Neuropsychological Problems Related to Lead Poisoning and its Management was held at the MULTI-PURPOSE HALL of University of Education. Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf, a Public Health Physician & Researcher has given a lecture on the said topic. The lecture highlighted the following learning objectives: 1 Adverse Health Effects of Lead Exposure at all levels of Function 2 Distribution of Blood Lead Levels BLLs, Risk Factors For & Sources of Lead 3 Blood Lead Testing 4 Management of Lead Poisoning – In May 2018, a two-day training workshop on “Training workshop of Assessment Team Members” was held at the Video Conference Room of the Division of Science and Technology at the University of Education. The workshop was hosted by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC).