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The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore is acknowledged because of its academic quality. The ambition of the campus is to develop highly enthusiastic and innovative students that in future will work for the betterment of their country. The highly experienced and qualified faculty is helping in producing a nurturing environment for giving quality education. The Campus is producing competent and intelligent graduates with great knowledge, social responsibilities, life-long learning skills. Also, students from different communities become part of the campus and will transform them into a world-class professional.

The Campus is situated in Faisal Town consisting of three blocks. The campus provides facilities to their students like fully-equipped classrooms, laboratory, auditorium, seminar hall, cafeteria, boys and girl’s separate common rooms, modern library, wireless hotspot system. Also, provide facilities for indoor and outdoor games.


Those who have taken the HSSC or an equivalent exam and are awaiting results are also eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

  1. At least 60% marks in SSC (Matric) or an equivalent examination
  2. At least 60% marks in the FSC or an equivalent examination.
  3. At least 50% marks in entry test

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs

  1. A degree in Science / Engineering earned from a recognized university after 16 years of education.
  2. At least 60% marks or CGPA of at least 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0).
  3. At least 50% in the entry test.

Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs

  1. A degree in a relevant subject, from a recognized university after 18 years of relevant education
  2. At least 70% marks (in the Annual System) or CGPA of at least 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0)
  3. The applicant must have a Master’s degree with coursework and Thesis.
  4. GAT (subjective) or GRE subject with at least 60% marks.


The offered scholarships are

  • NICT – Scholarship Program
  • HEC-JICA Scholarship
  • Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program etc.

Research and Development

ORIC was established to give its services in the research, development, innovation, commercialization, capacity building and to provide facilities to the researchers. Similarly, in order to organize seminars and workshops for the welfare of students and faculty. ORIC developed following centres

  • Big Data Lab Establishment
  • Centre for Information Visualization and Intelligent Computing (Civic)
  • Multi-Media Lab (MML)
  • Centre for Research on Management and Governance (CRMG) etc.


Seminars and Workshops

  • A seminar on “Entrepreneurship as a Viable Career Option” was held on April 8, 2019
  • The National Conference on TESOL, Linguistics, and Literature (CTLL, 2019) on 20th March – 21st March 2019 was organized by the Campus.