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Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan, Diamer campus, and Ghizer Campus was established in 2018 while the main campus is the KIU Gilgit Baltistan situated in Gilgit, established in 2002. KIU Chilas Campus is an HEC recognized university established to fulfill the increased demand for higher education and to broaden the backward views of the people, to address the education constraints for women in the region of Diamer District. Diamer District is one of the districts of Gilgit Baltistan. Chilas is the capital of Diamer. Diamer is ranked 95 out of 148 districts in terms of education. The KIU Chilas Campus aims to attain its full potential as a vivacious and different academic institute and struggles to prepare students to become better citizens of our country, regardless of their social and financial background, and subsidize the welfare of society and the country’s progress rather than balkanizing themselves into groups. KIU offers quality education, innovative and competitive learning environment, thereby attracting the determined students to get admission in this university. The KIU Chilas Campus offers both curricular and co-curricular opportunities thereby increasing the student’s abilities ad skills.

KIU Chilas Campus – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The KIU Chilas campus is providing skill development short courses and offering undergraduate programs
Selection criteria for undergraduates
– 12-year education from an HEC recognized institution with a minimum of 50 % marks in Aggregate
Selection criteria for graduates
– 14-year education in any field with minimum 3rd division.

Department of Educational Development

Educational Development

Department of Sociology


Department of Business Management

Business Management

Institute of Continuing Education

Continuing Education

KIU Chilas Campus provides need-based, merit-based, Karwan-e-Elam Scholarship, USAid-HEC Scholarships, and bait-ul-mal scholarships to the needy and meritorious students that show potential. These scholarships are purely given on merit basis.

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Research aids in improving human lives by introducing new efficient and productive technology to facilitate and meet the market needs. The faculty of the university is committed to promote and commercialize high-quality, credible, innovative, and research-based solutions to the local problems by integrating technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and mutual collaboration with stakeholders while maintaining higher ethical standards.

Seminars and Workshops provide a platform to exercise skills and gain on-hand knowledge and experience in the field. The Karakorum International University conducts several awareness-raising seminars and training workshops to educate the students about the course and also the out of course subject to broaden their perceptions and expand their understanding about the ethical and moral practices of the society.

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