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University of Lahore (UOL), Pakpattan Campus

About Us

The University of Lahore has one of its campuses in Pakpattan (UOL Pakpattan CAMPUS). Since the foundation of the University of Lahore in 1999 as a Degree-Awarding Institute, it has always been the institute, promoting innovation.
In a brief timeframe, different bodies of the institute have worked hard to shape the education of the modern-day. From the Year, 2013-2014 UOL Pakpattan Campus has begun its classes in various fields.
Having an accomplished and skillful staff and as well as highly equipped infrastructure, students are getting a quality education at a moderate expense. Prominent organization and the city’s elite, appreciate the fact that the UOL Pakpattan Campus is located in such an area, where students can get an education at their doorsteps.

UOL Pakpattan Campus
University of Lahore

UOL Pakpattan Campus – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The admission opens in UOL Pakpattan Campus in June-July Students can apply online and the university assigns the students’ date of entry test with the location and rolls numbers.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

1. Students scored 50% in FSC and SSC.
2. Students’ 50% score in NTS.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 2.2cGPA in the undergraduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in GATS general test.
3. Students are screened during an interview.

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration
Applied Economics
Leadership & Management Studies

Department of Linguistic and Communication

English Language and Communication
English Language Teaching and Linguistic
Applied Linguistic

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science

Department of Mathematics


Department of Education

Education (early child and Special)

UOL Pakpattan Campus offers financial assistance to its deserving students;

1. Financial aid
2. HEC need-based scholarships
3. Merit scholarships

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Students are given the freedom to select their supervisors out of their choice and as well as the project. Supervisors are given funds for their projects and as well as training. They guide the students and are supportive. Students are also certified in the project completion or internships.

Workshops and seminars are held depend on demands students. Students are given a proper schedule. Students are motivated to organize and call guest speakers. These activities install a lot of positive skills in students including teamwork, tolerance, leading their team and etc.

Following are held till now
1. Academic writing with EndNote X7
2. Training on Department Micro websites.
3. Andragogical Skills- Microteaching