Musicology in Pakistan

Although due to cultural and religious reasons, there aren’t many institutions in Pakistan that are offering Musicology or any Music degree in Pakistan. We have curated a list of Universities and Private Institutions that are offering degrees and courses for students that are interested in Music.

History of Musicology

Brief Indo-Pak History of Musicology

“Music is piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”- Michel Vanden Broeck.

“I think music in itself is healing,” American musician Billy Joel once said. “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” There are few people in this world who will disagree with this statement rest of us wholeheartedly will vote for agreement.

    Music is the expression of everyday life. People from all over the world belonging to no matter which region or profession enjoy some form of music. Based on literature, music can be divided into two main themes

  • Heavy music: this includes hard, soft, rock and rap.
  • Light music: pop, dance, rhythmic themes, melodies.

    The history of music in Pakistan is as old as Indus valley civilization and it date back to 5000 years. The dancing girl statue and musical pots from Mohenjo.Daro are visible proof of early music in the land. History shows that different invaders from all around the world brought the spices of their culture and music to Pakistan. After advent of Islam, and arrival of sufism music in the region shape itself, become mature and form itself a new identity. Many musical instruments have also been discovered from Indus valley civilization archaeological sites including flute and many other string instruments.

    Pakistani music nowadays is in fact the continuation of Indo-Pak music tradition which is the result of the interaction of coexisting Hindu Muslim culture for centuries.

Universities offering Musicology & Music

Here is a list of unversities and private insitutions offering Music & Musicology in Pakistan

National College of Arts

NCA after its establishment has a high perspective of quality education and has developed a visionary approach towards art. It was founded in 1875 and since then it has been producing notable artists, architects, designers, filmmakers, cultural researchers and musicologists. Speaking of musicologists, Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi, Jawad Bashir and many more form the pool of best alumni of NCA.

Department of Musicology

The undergraduate program in Musicology provides insight to Pakistani classical musical theory, provides deep knowledge and skills to students who wants to pursue their career in respective degree. Theory and practice courses in this degree covers the music technology, electronic music, world rhythm, music composition, music economy, and popular and western art music that prepare the students for the 21st century professional life as leading performers, composers, producers/technicians, entrepreneurs, educationists, and researchers

    NCA offers musicology degree 4 years with 8 semesters. From the 3rd semester onwards the students are allowed to take an elective course of their own choice. Each elective course is of 2 credit hours while the 8th semester comprises of thesis with 18 credit hours.

Punjab University, Lahore

Allama Iqbal Campus of Punjab University Lahore offers M.A Music under their University College of Arts & Design which is the part of Arts & Humanities Department. It is a semester based program which commence during September/October each year. There are total 16 seats available for admission.

Eligibilty criteria is basic as per Punjab University rules and requires B.A/B.Sc or equalivent.

Preference will be given to the applicants who have B.A with music as an elective subject from any of the HEC recognized institutions. All applicants are required to either have mastery over any musical instrument or in case of those interested in vocal singing have to demonstrate sufficient mastery of the craft and basic understanding of Rags.

National Music Academy of Pakistan

National music academy Pakistan situated in DHA Phase 6; Lahore is the first international music school in Pakistan. It offers experienced teachers and covers all aspects of Drumming, from technique, learning to read rhythm, performance, theory and playing through various styles including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Pop, Country, Classical, Samba, Bossa-nova, Electro, top40, house, tech, tribal, dubstep, hip-hop/ R’n’B, glitch, drum & bass, breaks and everything that lies in between them.

 Along with lessons the academy also offers Professional Development Diploma.  The diploma is a 40-week course. The academy also provides practical workshops, industry masterclasses and performance opportunities, offer a truly comprehensive musical education.

 There is no age limit in joining this academy is icing on the cake, all lot more adult students of different age groups are already enrolled in National Music Academy Pakistan

Aitchison College, Lahore

National Music Academy Pakistan is also offering lesson in Aitchison College Lahore. The academy has already been providing tuition to Aitchison College from last two years.

Forman Christian College

FCC was found in 1864 is located in Lahore. Enrolment in university in today’s date is 3200 students. FCC offers different music courses that focus on stylistic genres, terminologies and forms of music. It also aims at providing skills, philosophies about music role in history and how it has a strong impact on modern world and our everyday life.

The courses they offer familiarizes student to musical instruments like Sitar, Tabla or Flute while some courses focus on vocal performance skills related to vast variety of music genres.

National Academy of Performing Arts

National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) was founded in 2005. It is Pakistan’s only national arts academy that has been educating students in theater as well as music. The academy aims to provide quality education along with training lead by the experienced faculty.  

The Music Department of NAPA offers a 3 years diploma course in Music during which students spend nine trimesters on academic as well as practical training, students that want to pursue their career in instruments can also apply.

NAPA music department also offers an 8-month certificate course called the” Foundation Course” in which students will be require to spend 3 trimesters on academic as well as practical training. The course is designed to give students taste of sub-continent as well as western music.

Pakistan National Council of Arts

The Pakistan National Council of the Arts was established in 1972. It functioned under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Heritage & Integration. PNCA offers classes on the  classical and semi-classical folk singing along with the  instrumental music to the people who are  interested.

PNCA believes in offering the   musicians and artists the platform  where they need to grow and get the  inspiration that  they seek to realize their unique potential and hidden talents. Music courses include Tabla, Voilin, Flute, Guitar, Sitar, and Vocal that are taught by highly professional and competent teachers..

 Pakistan National Council of Arts also Focuses on organizing the different shows/ programmes that represent the provincial/ regional cultures/ heritage involving  Dance, Music and Drama proving students a platform to express their talent globally.