Forman Christian College, Lahore

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Forman Christian College Lahore (A Chartered University), is an independent research liberal arts university located in Lahore city, Punjab province, Pakistan, and is established in the year 1864. The university is administered by the Presbyterian Church and follows an American-style curriculum. Forman Christian College Lahore (FCCU) has been premier for the development of curriculum among the universities of Pakistan. Through the years the college introduced into the curriculum including subjects as Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Geography, Technical Chemistry, and Sociology. Forman Christian College Lahore is the first college in the subcontinent in whose laboratories research work of Nobel Prize caliber was conducted and Dr. Arthur Compton received the Nobel Prize in the year 1932 for research conducted, in large part, at FCCU. In 1902, the college was the first college in Punjab to admit women. The Motto of the Forman Christian College Lahore is “By love, serve one another”.

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Admission offers in every program at low prices with highly qualified faculty in the Forman Christian College Lahore.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. 12 years of field-related education, passed with at least second division from any registered institution.
2. 50% marks in the entry test.
Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. 16 years of education with at least second division with an aggregate of 45% in the annual system and 2.5 CGPA in the semester system.
2. 50% marks in entry test

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Forman Christian College, Lahore (A Chartered University) offers many scholarships for students.
1. Merit Scholarships
2. Provincial Quota Merit Scholarships
3. Need and Merit-Based Financial Aid

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