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University of Punjab Allama Iqbal Campus, Lahore is one of the campuses of Punjab University Lahore. Established in 1882 at Lahore, the University of Punjab is the largest and the oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. It was the first to be established in the sub-continent in Muslim majority area. Located in the historical and culturally alive city of Lahore, this University has played a leading role in higher education in the country. The University of Punjab Allama Iqbal Campus strives to provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of academic activities. On account of its quality degrees, pleasant environment, and low tuition fees the University remains the institution of the first choice for admission seeking students. University of Punjab Allama Iqbal Campus, named after the great South Asian thinker and mystic poet, with Islamic architectural design is in the middle of the bustling city of Lahore.

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Admission and selection at the University of Punjab Allama Iqbal are done on merit.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. 12 years of field related education, passed with at least 50%-60% marks from a recognized institution.

Selection Criteria for Graduates Programs
1. 16 years of field related education with at least 2.5 CGPA in the semester system

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University of Punjab Allama Iqbal Campus offers many diverse scholarships so that every student can have equal opportunity. These scholarships are awarded based on merit. Here is the list of them;
– Scholarship for minority students acquiring Higher Education.
– Department wise/Category wise Scholarships.
– PEEF fully funded scholarship.
– Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship.
– Fulbright Scholarship.

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