Mansehra is a highly-populated city of Hazara division surrounded by sky-high mountains, near Khyber pass in district Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is located 12 miles north of Abbottabad. The word Mansehra came from its founder Sardar Man Singh, a Sikh administrator and general in the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. 

Mansehra has progressed a lot in the education sector. Two eminent universities: Hazara University Mansehra and Government College of Management Sciences, play pivotal roles in the education sector and have been offering BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs in various subjects.

Facts about Universities in Mansehra

  • Hazara University Mansehra is one of the most prestigious institutes of the province. It was established in 2001. The university resides in a beautiful lush green area, a learning point with dedicated and passionate academia.
  • Thirty-two different departments are offering a wide range of courses.
  • More than 10,000 students are currently enrolled to accomplish higher studies in BS/BBA, MA/Mphil, and Ph.D.
  • Government College of Management Sciences is another distinguished institute for higher studies in Mansehra. It is located at an auspicious place for study because it is far away from the city’s noise, surrounded by towering mountain peaks. This college established 50 years back, is affiliated with different boards and the University of Hazara. 

Educational Status of Mansehra

  • Mansehra has worked extraordinarily in the education sector in recent years. In a survey of districts, the educational status of Mansehra has seen a striking upward trend.
  • Mansehra has a proper transportation system so that students can easily avail the service.
  • The literacy rate is 62.56%% which is relatively healthier than that of neighboring areas.
  • Renowned institutes offer educational services such as Punjab group of colleges, The educators, Fauji Foundation, Air Foundation School System, Agahi Community Schools, Army Public Schools and Colleges, and many others.

Some facts to know about Mansehra

  • History: If we glance at the rich history of the Mansehra, it takes us to Medieval times, and later on, it was enriched with followers of Buddhism and Hinduism. Moreover, many great rulers such as the Great Alexander, Ashok, Amir Taimur, and Mehmood Ghaznavi. Mansehra remained under the rule of these incredible crowns. In addition, the temple of Shiva and the festival of Shivarathri in Shiva temple emerge as glorious attractions for visitors.
  • Scenic Beauty: Mansehra is blessed with spectacular beauty, which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are numerous tourist sites to wander for visitors, and you can have signature experiences in Mansehra.
  • Sky-high mountain peaks of up to more than 17000 ft are enhancing the natural beauty of the city. Nanga Parbat mountain is located at a distance of 40km. Also, the highest forest cover in the province of deodar and pine trees increases the area’s elegance.
  • Three aesthetic lakes in Mansehra, including Saiful maluk sar, Dadu pulsar, and Lulusar, arrest the people from its beauty worldwide.
  • The people of Mansehra are very hospitable and cordial. They give a warm welcome to all the visitors.
  • The Famous Babusar pass is located at the northeastern boundary of the city.
  • This land is enriched with precious minerals such as Granite, Dolomite, soapstone, and marble. 
  • Population: This city is a land of more than 1.5 million inhabitants. A young population dominates the demography of this area. Moreover, the joint family system and simple lifestyles are still overriding here. The area is famous for well-built family connections. 
  • Economy: Mansehra is an economically stable region. The flourishing economy lies in tourism, fruits and their products, dairy and livestock products, and logistics for CPEC traffic. In addition, many private organizations are working over here.
  • In recent years, the city has seen a promising increase in the growth rate of 26%. Furthermore, the average growth rate is 2.4% which is satisfactory.
  • Sports: Mansehra is renowned for its traditional sports. Most notable is Polo, especially at the Shandur festival, Wrestling, Cockfighting, and Ram fighting. People over here and visitors can also enjoy Skydiving, horse riding, shooting, and hiking.

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Quick Facts

Population: 1.556 million

Literacy Rate: 62.56%


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