On Pakistan’s northwestern Punjab province’s right bank, there lies a city called Jhelum. It is Pakistan’s 44th most populous city. Prior to Pakistani independence, Jhelum supplied numerous men to the British Army and afterwards to the Pakistani military, earning it the nickname City of Soldiers or Land of Martyrs and Warriors.

Jhelum lies only a few kilometres upstream from where the historic Battle of the Hydaspes took place between Alexander the Great’s and King Porus’ troops. It’s possible that Jhelum City served as the capital of Porus’ kingdom, Paurava before it moved. To honour Alexander’s horse Bucephalus, a town called Bucephala was established nearby. Nearby attractions include the 16th-century Rohtas Fort, the ancient temple complex of Tilla Jogian, and the Grand Trunk Road, built in the 16th century, which runs through the city. Jhelum has a population of 190,425 as per the most recent Pakistani census.

Facts about Universities in Jhelum

  • The University of Punjab Jhelum Campus is a public sector university situated in Jhelum.
  • It offers both graduate and undergraduate programs in the departments of Law, Business Administration, Commerce, and Information Technology.
  • Virtual university Jhelum is the first public university in Jhelum that relies completely on distance learning.

What is education like in Jhelum?

  • The education sector of Jhelum is quite good as evident from the 79% literacy rate.
  • Jhelum’s education sector offers primary to graduate, and doctorate levels of education.

Quick Facts about Jhelum

  • Jhelum is the 44th largest city by population in Pakistan.
  • It is known as the city of Soldiers, the land of Martyrs and Warriors because of providing soldiers to the British army before independence and later to the Pakistan Armed forces.
  • The population of Jhelum is about 190,425 according to 2017.
  • The population growth rate is very low as compared to other areas of Pakistan.
  • Khewra salt mine is located in Khewra, the subdivision of district Jhelum.
  • Within the city, there is a golf club where national golf tournaments are held.
  • There is also a cricket and football stadium for district-level tournaments.
  • Qila Rohtas, a great fort made by an Afghan king Sher Shah Suri is located near the Jhelum district.


Quick Facts

Population: 190,425

Literacy Rate: 79%


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