Dera Ghazi Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan), the 19th largest city of Pakistan, is a historical city and located in the southern part of Punjab. DG Khan was founded by Ghazi Khan in the 15th century. It is a junction point of KPK, Balochistan, and Punjab, therefore its population is composed of Baloch tribes, Pashtuns, Saraiki, and some others. In dg khan, diverse languages are being spoken according to the diversity of the population. 

DG Khan has important geographic dimensions and the chiefs of the local tribes play a vital role in provincial and national politics. Although, it is not considered a metropolitan city yet it has good public and private universities. These universities are offering different degrees on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These universities are offering degrees in arts, science, business administration, and IT. 

Fact about Universities of DG Khan

  • Ghazi University and the Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology are big public universities that are offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various departments.
  • College of Agriculture DG Khan Campus of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, The College of Education, and the Government Institute of Technology is also offering degree programs in certain fields.
  • Ghazi Khan Medical & Dental College has started its educational journey in 2010 to facilitate the local students who want to be doctors and dentists.
  • A regional campus of Allama Iqbal Open University is also delivering education and teacher training workshops.
  • The public and private universities are offering degree programs for both genders.
  • Almost all universities are facilitating students with hostel accommodation. 

How is Education like in DG Khan

  • The literacy rate in DG khan is 48% with a positive trend in school-going children.
  • Public universities are under the provincial government and receive financial support from it. 
  • Private universities are also offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Public universities are offering various scholarships for the students and provide good assistance in bearing the education expenses.
  • DG Khan has a good set up of public and private schools that are encouraging the local children towards getting an education.
  • Some technical institutes are also working to provide technical education and training to the students.

Quick Facts in DG Khan

  • DG Khan, with a special geographic location in Pakistan, has many famous political and influential persons in it.
  • There are many historical and interesting places in Dg Khan. The Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar and Ghazi Khan, Jamia Masjid, Shah Bagh Masjid, and Church Yard are famous due to their historical importance.
  • Sulaiman Mountain Range is located in DG Khan and Fort Munroe is a famous Hill Station there.
  • Taunsa Barrage is a picnic point for locals and tourists also.
  • It has traditional industries of making wooden toys and weaving rugs/ carpets.
  • Dates, wheat, and millet are major crops of DG Khan.
  • 4-5 local languages are being spoken with the national language Urdu.

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Quick Facts

Population: 399,064

Literacy Rate: 48%


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