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The Aga Khan University is an independent research university with its primary campus in Karachi, Pakistan, with additional campuses and training programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, and Afghanistan. The AKU has inaugurated a medical college and a teaching hospital on a 65-acre land in Karachi. The university by the passage of time expanded, in the year 1993. It inaugurated the Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan, in the year 2004.  It entrenched a teaching hospital in Nairobi and the year 2016 another one in Dar es Salaam.


Aga Khan University is pledged to the development of human capacities via discovery and circulation of knowledge, and application through service. It pursues to develop individuals for constructive and ideal leadership roles, and constructing public and private policies, through power in excellence and research in education, all committed to providing meaningful beneficiation to the society.


The Aga Khan University is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, College of American Pathologists, and Joint Commission.

Aga Khan University
Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Admissions in AKU are strictly merit-based and our university is very selective in choosing the students, but the university does not discriminate on gender, national origin, and faith.  The selection​n of candidates process differentiates between different academic programs, but the same criteria for all the programs include fluency in the English language, prior academic performance, critical reasoning skills, attitude, and leadership potential.​

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

The Aga Khan University considers the value and advantage of higher education for leadership because change begins commonly with a visionary leader and because leaders release the power of many to bring about a superior world. AKU’s  Arts and Sciences faculty will be a contribution to that requisite effort to make capacity in local populations to solve their own problems, to build mellifluous and progressive societies, and to follow their aspirations for a fitter life for themselves and their families.

Institute for Educational Development


Faculty of Health Sciences

Healthcare leaders are a vital part of a flourishing nation. AKU let the aspiring medical professionals to provide the best patient care, and to make a distinction in the communities of the developing world. Either you are interested in nursing, medicine, and midwifery, or an allied health profession, AKU can assist you to turn into a healthcare leader of tomorrow.

School of Nursing and MidWifery


Medical College

Dental Hygiene
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Health Policy & Management
Health Professions Education
Health Sciences

The Aga Khan Foundation offers a finite number of scholarships every year for postgraduate studies to genius students from developing countries who have no other way of financing their studies. Scholarships are provided on a 50% grant  50% loan basis through a ruthless application process every year.

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The Office of Research and Graduate Studies is the intermedial coordination operation which reinforces the overall observation of the Aga Khan University to perform research that donates to the global structure of knowledge and promotes public policy according to the real needs of people as well as the communities in the growing world.

The monthly Kazim Bacchus Research Seminar (KBRS), named after the Founding Director of IED, is one of the dispersal seminars where significant and relevant research is presented by IED faculty, education experts, and researchers students, and they are from reputed national and international higher education institutions. The seminar brings together AKU faculty and students. Participants are from partnering schools, non-government organizations, and other universities for the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Occasional and need-based seminars and workshops are also held by the Graduate Students.

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3D printing in healthcare
Aga Khan University highlights the importance of 3D printing in healthcare