Ph.D. Pakistani Language & Literature

PhD Pakistani Languages & Literature is a 3-5-years degree program in which aspirants complete certain course work as well as research under the supervision of qualified supervisors. In order to encourage national integrity and cohesion, PhD program in Pakistani Languages and Literature focuses on topics such as comparative study of Pakistani languages, linguistic interaction, and distinctive and common literary tendencies. Students will learn about Pakistani languages' specific qualities, linguistic connections, philological impacts, mutual cooperation, and numerous common literary trends.
The faculty has access to supervisors from practically all of Pakistan's state universities. The student completes research under Pakistani supervision, however the degree is conferred when three foreign specialists from technologically advanced countries evaluate the thesis, as required by HEC. The curriculum is aimed to do study in many fields in order to discover new elements by using autonomous critical judgement and research abilities.

Core Courses

  • General Linguistics Pakistani Languages
  • Literary & Linguistic Heritage โ€“ 1 (Pakistani Languages)
  • Literary & Linguistic Heritage- 2
  • World Classical Literature
  • Translation Skills
  • Thesis Writing
  • Research Thesis (as per chosen specialty)

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years of education in the relevant subjects with at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent marks
  • GAT Subject/ GRE Subject with required marks (as per university policy)
  • Pass Admission Test (as per university policy)


Ph.D. in Pakistani Languages and Literature is a non-vocational degree whose scope has expanded in recent years as interest in regional languages has grown. Furthermore, research in regional languages has increased, and regional literature has been supported, which is why the scope of the Ph.D. degree in Pakistani Languages has been expanding. Research and publishing houses that aspire to publish material in various languages offer excellent chances. More options for degree holders have arisen as a result of a new trend of translating well-known literature into regional languages. There are also tremendous chances in print and electronic media. On top of that, degree holders can work as faculty members at universities, passing on their knowledge to students.

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