Ph.D. Pharmacy

It is a doctoral degree that is awarded by designated private and public universities. Ph.D. in Pharmacy enables the degree to work at the highest level of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. The duration of this degree is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. It enhances the knowledge and research skills of the students to make a valuable contribution to the pharmaceutical research industry. The prerequisite for a Ph.D. is an MS/MPhil degree in the relevant field with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 (semester system) or First Division (annual system). The applicant has to qualify with a minimum of 60% in the NTS GAT subject test. After admission, the aspirant will go through 2 semesters of course work, and then he/she has to complete the thesis to publish in a specific international journal.

Core Courses

  • Biological Membranes
  • Biosynthetic Research
  • Structure-Activity relationship
  • Rate Controlled Drug Delivery System
  • Advanced Pharmaceutics
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Statistics & Care
  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Properties & Pharmaceutical Calculations

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS/Mphil in Pharm D. with 60% marks or 3.0CGPA.
  • 60% Score in the entrance test conducted by the institution


Ph.D. is the highest degree that is obtained by the aspirant after extensive learning and training in the particular field of the subject. The new trends have brought Ph.D. degree holders into the limelight. In higher educational institutions and the research industry, Ph.D. degree holders are more preferred and even at some places, only these people are employed. The extensive and detailed study with training makes those individuals an expert in their field. Expert opinion is always required in the medical sciences-related fields. Therefore, a doctorate in Pharmacy makes a person’s opinion worthy enough to be heard and stated. In the public and private sectors, there are multiple opportunities for PhDs with attractive packages and a positive growth rate. The top industry that is linked with research is Pharmaceutics and individuals with higher degrees are encouraged to do their research in many departments. Hence, the scope of Ph.D. degree holders is quite bright in different sectors of education and research.

Universities Offering Ph.D. Pharmacy in Pakistan

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