MS/Mphil Political Science

Political science is a field of social science that deals with the theory and practice of everything that is related to politics. Political science involves the study of the political behaviours, systems and the political structures of the country or an organization. It is an extremely broad field which incorporates the study of historical and modern systems, governmental policies and procedures, foreign policies, public administration, international relations and public affairs. In other words, it is a social science that involves the study of governmental systems and general principles that govern the world of politics.
A master's degree in political science is a two-year program that provides more in-depth knowledge of the subject. Forms of democracy, the concept of nationhood, executive and judicial authorities and functions, the evolution of the Constitution, political philosophy and theories, foreign policy, and topical concerns in international relations are all covered in the master's program in political science.

Core Courses

  • Political Economy and Public Policy
  • Political Sociology and Political Anthropology
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Introduction to Western Political Philosophy
  • Introduction to Political Science

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 years of education in relevant program.
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


Those students that study the political science are known as political scientists. They have a very huge scope for employment in both government and private sectors of the country. Political scientists solve the nations and worlds’ problems by means of using tools, both humanistic and scientific, and a variety of methodologies in order to examine the process, systems and political dynamics of all countries and regions worldwide. Political scientists study political behaviour, decision-making processes, organizational structures, and public policy. They can do research on a wide range of topics, including the political situation in various countries, significant cities and towns, major court rulings on political matters, and relationship of  Pakistan with other countries. They investigate the form and administration of government, as well as election outcomes and public opinion polls on political issues. Graduates with political science skills are also better prepared to lead in other settings where understanding the political context and origins of laws and legal institutions is important. Apart from politics, master’s students can find work in banks, consultancies, law companies, social research groups, embassies, colleges, and institutes, among other places. Aspirants to a profession in political science should have a broad general knowledge base and the ability to comprehend and perceive information effectively.

Universities Offering MS/Mphil Political Science in Pakistan

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