MS Electrical Engineering (Communications Engineering)

It is the goal of the curriculum to prepare students for a wide range of careers in electrical communications, including research and development, consultancy, operations and maintenance, patent issues, acquisition of projects, and so on, in both academia and industry. An undergraduate degree in communication technology or a related field is required for admission to the program. First two semesters of study are devoted to courses, seminars, and lab training organized in modules covering a wide range of themes. The third semester is devoted to independent research. The final thesis module takes up the whole third semester.

Additionally, you'll learn how to understand requirements and specifications to come up with effective design solutions; make judgments on the basis of insufficient information; give technical presentations, and collaborate with others. Group and individual workouts are used to accomplish this. Students with strong arithmetic abilities are encouraged to enroll in this course.

Core Courses

  • Vehicular Networks and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Cognitive Cooperative Networks
  • Future Generation Communication Technologies
  • Advanced Optical and Wireless Networks

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 years of relevant education with 2.5 CGPA or 60% marks.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.



MS in Communications Engineering offers electives in areas other than communication engineering. If you’re interested in a certain field of study, you’ll take core courses and cross-program modules that will allow you to focus on it, along with a particular research project that may help you in choosing a better career as;

  • Communications Manager
  • Networks Administrator
  • Government Job
  • Aviation and Avionics
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Communicator


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