MS Pharmacology

MS in Pharmacology is a study of Applied Drug Development that equips graduates with the information, skills, and talents they need to compete for highly desirable professions in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, which are continually developing. A master's degree in pharmacology is a course that combines the sciences of physiology, biochemistry, chemistry, anatomy, neuroscience, and genetics to better understand pharmacological activities. A master's degree in pharmacology serves as a link between basic science and clinical medicine, providing knowledge of pharmacotherapeutics, or the use of drugs in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of disease, as well as toxicology, which is the study of drug side effects, and pharmacogenomics.

Core Courses

  • Pharmaceutics (Physical Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Biochemistry)
  • Cholinergic & Cardio Respiratory Pharmacology
  • Physiology-A
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Organic)
  • Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Eligibility Criteria

  • BS in Pharmacy or equivalent field with  2.00 CGPA or relevant 16 years of education.
  • 50% marks in the entrance exam.


Graduates of this programme are employed for a variety of positions, ranging from clinical research to pharmacology. Investment government agencies, medication supply and distribution, defence services, research schools / universities, hospitals, and private clinics are among the employment fields.

Analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, clinical research associate, healthcare scientist, pharmacologist, medical research scientist, and more job profiles are available for these professions. The salary and earnings for these specialized positions are highly dependent on the skill set they have developed and their industry experience.

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