Interview: Prof. Ruth Jepson, on “Female Education in Pakistan”

Prof. Ruth Jepson

Ruth is the Director of SCPHRP and a Professor of Public Health in the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh. She is a co-Director of the GroundsWell Consortium and a co-Investigator on PHIRST Fusion. She is particularly interested in developing and evaluating complex interventions and in undertaking research in partnership with service … Read more

Best Fields for Females in Pakistan after FSc

Women in Pakistan have achieved major gains in a variety of fields, including education. Females who have completed their FSc (Intermediate) have a wealth of possibilities for furthering their education and carving out successful careers. This post will highlight some of the greatest fields for females in Pakistan after completing their FSc, taking into account … Read more

Famous Muslim Women Scholars in Islamic History

As soon as Islam came into origin during the medieval and early modern times it empowered women. Women were encouraged in Islam in the Arab peninsula and set an example that has never been seen before. Muslim women contributed as scholars, scientists, teachers, poets, mystics, warriors, and rulers throughout Islamic history. By defying all the … Read more