Interview: Dr. Sameera Arshad – A Wildlife Biologist

Sameera Arshad is a wildlife Biologist; she had a long teaching career before starting her Ph.D. During her Ph.D., she had done her research work in UK and Australia under Commonwealth Scholarship. She represented Pakistan at the International Bird Strike Conference in Australia, presenting her experiences managing bird strikes in her home country and actively … Read more

Interview: Prof. Ruth Jepson, on “Female Education in Pakistan”

Prof. Ruth Jepson

Ruth is the Director of SCPHRP and a Professor of Public Health in the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh. She is a co-Director of the GroundsWell Consortium and a co-Investigator on PHIRST Fusion. She is particularly interested in developing and evaluating complex interventions and in undertaking research in partnership with service … Read more