Drugs & Sexual Exploitation of Students by Officials in Islamia University Bahawalpur

A series of arrests at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) has brought the institution under national scrutiny, with allegations of drug abuse and sexual exploitation coming to light. The Chief Security Officer of IUB, Syed Ejaz, was recently apprehended by law enforcement authorities on charges of drug possession. During a search on the university premises, police discovered 10 grams of ‘ice’, a potent form of methamphetamine, along with several other prohibited substances in Ejaz’s possession. Investigations further revealed the presence of obscene videos and indecent photos on his mobile phone.

In a separate incident, the IUB transport in-charge was also detained, with police allegedly recovering 8 grams of meth from his possession. Legal proceedings have been initiated against both officials under the Anti-Narcotics Act, which provides stringent penalties for the possession, sale, and purchase of illegal drugs.

A special report by the Punjab police claimed that a group of teachers at the university was involved in the sale of drugs and sexual exploitation of female students and teachers. The report alleged that the group would distribute drugs and arrange dance and sex parties, exploiting and blackmailing female students and staff members.

These incidents follow a similar case last month, where the Director of Finance of the university was apprehended for drug possession. The frequency of such cases has raised concerns about the prevalence of drug use and trafficking within the university premises.

In response to these incidents, the IUB management has announced plans to conduct drug tests for all its employees. The university’s spokesperson stated that the perception of widespread drug use and sexual harassment on campus is not accurate, and the university is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its students and staff.

The arrests are part of an ongoing effort by law enforcement agencies to eradicate drug peddlers from educational institutions. These incidents highlight the need for increased vigilance and stricter measures within educational institutions. Universities must take the initiative in ensuring the well-being of their students and staff through regular monitoring, strict enforcement of anti-drug policies, and fostering an environment that discourages such activities. Following are some insights by the students of Islamia University Bahawalpur.

“In 2016 when I enrolled as a student at IUB, rumors circulated about certain individuals within the university system allegedly exploiting female students through various forms of blackmail, which included demands for sexual favors. The name of the hostel warden was frequently mentioned in relation to these incidents. There were also several accounts of faculty members allegedly exploiting female students for academic benefits, typically threatening to fail them or withhold marks.”

“The majority of the students at IUB come from villages, and it seemed they were especially vulnerable to this exploitation due to their lack of familiarity with the urban environment and their dependency on the university’s resources and faculty for their education.”

“I got the chance to associate with students who had directly experienced these acts of exploitation. Consumed by fear and social stigma, they were hesitant to disclose these incidents to their families or to authorities. Despite raising this issue on multiple platforms within the university, our concerns were largely ignored or swept under the rug.”

“We suspected the existence of an organized group within the university. This group was allegedly involved in various activities, including blackmailing female students, creating illicit videos, and promoting drug addiction among students. This group appeared to function under the protection of the Student Union, which was surprisingly complicit in their activities.”

There were numerous allegations leveled against the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the university, accusing him of corruption and, implicitly, his involvement in these activities. Various individuals have attempted to highlight these issues on different platforms, but they are often intimidated or blackmailed into silence. The recent incident involving the university’s security in-charge allegedly participating in drug trafficking and illicit video recording has only added fuel to the fire.

In light of these disturbing revelations, questions have been raised on how parents can continue to send their children to this university for quality education, and what measures can be taken to ensure their safety and welfare. It is imperative that those responsible, especially the alleged corrupt VC, be held accountable and punished severely.

The residents of South Punjab must unite to stand against such corrupt practices and fight for justice for the victims. Only by standing together can we hope to dismantle the culture of corruption and exploitation that seems to have taken hold at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

I strongly urge the authorities to take these allegations seriously, conduct a thorough investigation, and take strict action against the culprits. It is high time that our educational institutions serve as safe havens for learning and growth, rather than places of fear and exploitation.

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