MA Educational Planning & Management

It is 2 years HEC recognized degree programme. From a range of viewpoints, the course examines major issues in administration and planning that face contemporary education. The course provides a critical look at contemporary educational planning and management practices and ideas, aiming to evaluate the cultural, social, economic, and institutional settings when making decisions. This course will provide the student with a working knowledge of the key concepts and theories related to the planning and management of education as a public service and a "public good." The student will build transferable skills in the study and evaluation of significant management and planning themes by applying these concepts and theories critically to specific issues and difficulties coming from the literature and practice (e.g., through published case studies).

Core Courses

  • Educational Human Resources Management
  • Education Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Budget Management
  • General Accountancy
  • Education Changes
  • Theories of Systems and Models in Education
  • Educational Policy Analysis
  • School Inspection

Eligibility Criteria

  • B.A or B.Sc with having 50% or above marks.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


After graduation from MA  Educational Planning & Management  a graduate can pursue its career in following fields.

  • School principal.
  • Assistant/vice-principal.
  • School-district administrator.
  • Superintendent.
  • Private school dean.
  • Director of admissions.
  • Preschool director.
  • College/university president

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