MA Population & Development

The Master's in Population and Development, 2-years degree program, is designed for people from all walks of life who wish to learn more about the links between development and population growth. The program provides a solid foundation in both theory and history of population development challenges, as well as a foundation in current methodologies to analyzing and predicting population structure and resource requirements.
Population and Development sciences is a comprehensive social science subject dealing with the study of human population size, composition, and geographical distribution. The degree program's purpose is to produce fully trained social scientists with a broad understanding of population sciences and specialized abilities in statistical and demographic methodologies, allowing them to conduct independent research on a variety of population and development issues.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Population Sciences
  • Techniques of Population Analysis
  • Gender and Health Development
  • Population Development
  • Population Policy and its Analysis
  • Population and Environment
  • Social Statistics
  • Migration & Urbanization
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Research Methodology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education with at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent marks


Graduates of the program will have skills and knowledge in population change, social and economic development, and demographic change. They will also have a thorough understanding of modern data analysis methods. Private business (e.g., consulting, recruiting, marketing, insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies), public administration (e.g., government agencies), international funds and non-governmental organizations (e.g., UN, WHO, and the World Bank), research centers, and universities have opportunities for the MA Population & Development’s degree holders.

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