BS Aviation Management

The program is designed for such candidates who aspires the Aviation education along with the opportunity to develop strong business and management skills after their higher-secondary education. This program involves 4 Years – 8 Semester with 136 Credit Hrs. The program equipped candidates with the knowledge of the many aspects of aviation industry both locally and globally. If a person have a love for the skies and wish to work around airports and airlines, then getting a degree in aviation management is best suited. Aviation management is a course that deals with the study of airlines, airports and other things related to the airspace industry. This includes supervising routine tasks of the ground staff and managing the connections between the flight team and pilots, and overlooking customer service operations. The aviation management course can also equip undergrads with the required skills to work on high-level positions like working for airport security and air traffic control towers. In this programme students are taught everything that they need need to get their aviation career up and running, which involves the communication skills, leadership skills, and decision-making skills

Core Courses

  • Management of Air Cargo
  • Introduction to Flight Operations
  • Aviation Legislation
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Airport Design and Operations
  • Weather and Meteorology
  • Introduction to Aviation
  • Aviation English

Eligibility Criteria

  • FSc  (pre- engineering, ICS or equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


More jobs are opening up in Airport Operations, Airline Management, Flight Operations, Air navigation, Cargo and Freight Management, Ticketing and Reservations, Food & Beverages/Catering, Travel and Tourism and other Support Services in Pakistan. Globally there are estimated to be more than 62 million jobs which include almost 10 million aviation direct jobs. In Pakistan there are so many national airlines working efficiently that has increased the number of employees needed and ultimately has also increased the employment opportunities. Pakistan International Airlines, Bhoja Airlines, Shaheen Airlines, Air blue and several names and brands of airlines are in urge to take the aviation management students in their organization.  The students can pursue their career by joining any of the big international airlines once they have occupied the proper relevant experience and degree. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is owned by Pakistan which is being governed under the Federal Government of Pakistan through the Defense Ministry, this institution is also working hard for the improvement and the development of the Aviation department of the country, so the students who have done their education is aviation management can make their career in the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. Students who are graduated in the field of aviation management can also join the in Pakistan Air Force where they can be the assisting employees on the ground and even can become the part of the flying cabinet of the force. So the scope of aviation management is very much attractive and it is growing day by day in Pakistan which is quite motivational for the student to get into this field and to make their career in a new area in respective field.

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