BS Architecture

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a four-year professional degree. Building technology, architectural history and theory, and representation all have sequential studio courses that allow students to integrate and synthesize their academic and professional expertise. Bachelor of Architecture is an academic study degree that is available following the completion of higher secondary school exams. It is usually a four-year academic study program with eight semesters. The program of study is extremely difficult, and only students who are willing to work long hours are encouraged to apply. Furthermore, fieldwork is an important component of studies, with students being expected to visit building sites, conduct field surveys, and participate in out-of-station research visits.

Core Courses

  • Architecture in Pakistan
  • Digital Tools for Architects
  • Materials and Construction
  • Energy and Environment
  • Visual Communication
  • Structures for Architects
  • Energy and Environment
  • Materials and Construction
  • Foundation Studio
  • History of Architecture

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (Mathematics mandatory)/A level or or equivalent with minimum 50% marks and no 3rd division in matriculation.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


Construction, urban planning, urban development organizations, public works departments, interior design, and other fields are all options. Architects can find work at architecture firms, universities, consulting businesses, and other places. An architecture major provides a fantastic opportunity to hone both technical and creative abilities. Students studying architecture can find work in a variety of industries, including interior design, urban planning, and construction management, due to the vast range of talents included in this major. The most obvious and common career path for architecture majors is that of architect. You’ll be creating structures for a variety of clients, including huge corporations, if you work as an architect. Asking yourself what kind of buildings you’d like to design is the key to identifying a certain form of architecture that fits your personality. Identifying the types of structures (and clientele) you’d like to work with will help you discover a career with an architecture firm that fits your style, whether it’s big skyscrapers or single-family houses.

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