Air War Course

War Wing of Air War College offers a rigorous 45-week Air War Course, which is divided into three 15-week terms. Graduates are awarded "Fellow of Air War College" (fawc) credentials and an MSc degree in Strategic Studies at the end of the course. The College is currently associated with Islamabad's National Defence University. PAF Air War College is the Pakistan Air Force's premier educational institution, and it is located in Karachi, Pakistan's most populous city. The College's mission is to educate air leaders in doctrine, policy, strategy, and air power employment principles, with the goal of becoming a knowledge-based, innovative, and exceptional institution. Intelligence, innovation, and cognition are three of our most prized fundamental values.
Air War Course is considered as the top-ranked course for the armed forces personnel. The student officers are being selected under highest criteria and rules. The selected student officers belong to all armed forces of Pakistan.

Core Courses

  • Research Methodology
  • Socio-Political make up and its impact on National Security
  • Strategic Leadership and Management
  • Defence Policy formulation in the given environment
  • Analysis of National Security Issues and formulation of a comprehensive Response Strategy
  • National Security policy / strategy formulation
  • Pakistan’s regional and International Relations

Eligibility Criteria

  • Meeting Official Criteria
  • Physically Fit


Air War Course in a highly technical and professional course that comprised of military sciences and art of warfare along with other social sciences. The student officers get more chance to move forward in their career with brilliant prospects. The degree holder of war course can get the opportunities to visit other countries on official courses. Besides, the degree holders can also teach in the universities in the related disciplines.

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