MS/Mphil Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology is a comprehensive study of psychology that focuses on the principles, concepts and theories that can be applied to address human issues and gain practical experience in a variety of fields. It is a two-year postgraduate study designed to assist people in resolving emotional distress, disorders, and illness. MS Applied Psychology seeks to increase students' self-awareness and provide a solid theoretical foundation upon which they can build the skills needed for fieldwork practice. Applied Psychology Master's Degree Admissions are made on the basis of merit or admission

Core Courses

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Positive Psychology
  • Psychodiagnosis and Assessment
  • Internship/Case Conference
  • Trauma Psychology
  • Research Methodology and Statistics in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychophysiology & Psychopharmacology

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS Applied Psychology Admissions are based on merit basis or entrance basis. The student must be a graduate securing a minimum of 50% in Graduation from a recognised board.
  • The candidate should qualify in the entrance examinations to pursue this course.


The academic capabilities of postgraduates of the MS Applied Psychology degree program determine job chances in this profession. Candidates can work as a Social Psychologist, a Social Worker, a Counseling Psychologist, a Social Psychologist, a Forensic Psychologist, a Career Counsellor, and a variety of other positions. Post-graduates of the MS Applied Psychology program work as professional counsellors, either as freelancers or in large corporations. With experience and expertise, the salary continues to rise.

Universities Offering MS/Mphil Applied Psychology in Pakistan

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