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Women University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Bagh

About Us

Women University of AJK, Bagh have been founded in the year 2014. The goal of our university is to provide a platform that lets the students build their academic, normal, physical, professional, and spiritual power. It dispenses a scenario that lets the students build their academic, moral physical, professional and spiritual power. It aims to spread the best standards of academic excellence in both types of research as well as teaching. The cultural, political, social, and economic concerns are the major targets of the university.
Women University of AJK, Bagh is a public sector university which is located in Bagh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. The political, cultural, social, and economic requirements are the priority of the university. Women University of AJK, Bagh is affiliated with Pakistan Engineering Council, Higher Education Commission.

Women University of AJK
Women University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Bagh

Women University of AJK – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The admission form and prospectus could be obtained from the Directorate of Students’ Affairs, of the university.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduates
→ 12 years of field related education, passed with at least second division from any registered institution.
→ 50% marks in the entry test.

Selection Criteria for Graduates
→ 16 years of education with at least second division with an aggregate 45% in the annual system and 2.5 cgpa in the semester system.
→ 50% marks in the entry test.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Science has around 700 students enrolled and about 28 teaching faculty members, out of them half are Ph.D. and some have M.Phil degrees. The University is also continuously putting in a lot of effort to increase the number and qualifications of the Arts & Social Science teaching faculty members in order to maintain balance with top universities and to meet internationally accepted quality standards in teaching as well as research. Faculty of Social Science have different departments including management sciences, Education, Economics, English, and international relations.

Department of Management Sciences


Department of Education


Department of Economics


Department of English


Department of Health Physical


Department of International Relations

International Relations

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Sciences is working hard to secure its complete potential as a spirited scientific and educational group that is nationally and internationally renowned for excellence and for bringing betterment to the world through its findings and solutions to life’s greatest challenges. Faculty of science have a variety of departments including Mathematics, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and zoology.

Department of Mathematics


Department of Biotechnology


Department of Botany


Department of Chemistry


Department of Computer Sciences and IT


Department of Physics


Department of Zoology


HEC is providing need-based scholarships for the needy students of our university. These scholarships are given to those candidates who want to continue their Undergraduate and Postgraduate study programs at the different universities of Pakistan.

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Women University of AJK, Bagh has a very good position in the field of research and development and it stands among good universities of Pakistan in this aspect. The faculty of this University has already published a lot of research papers in the best journals with high impact factors.

Seminars and Workshops provide a platform to exercise skills and gain on-hand knowledge and experience in the field. Women University of AJK, Bagh try their best to make students busy with the different topic of interest for that purpose they conduct many seminars and workshops.