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University of Turbat

About Us

The University of Turbat was founded in the year 2013. As well as, it is the second General institute in the public sector. It is located in Mekran, Balochistan. The central objective of the University of Turbat is to provide the best resources of higher learning to the students of Turbat and adjacent areas of Awaran, Panjgur, and Gwadar. Due to the establishment of this institute, a considerable ratio of students will be registered firstly from various areas of the province, especially from Mekran. They will have a specific influence on the social domain of the students’ families as well as indirectly on society. Through the initiation of market valued courses, approximately 500 job resources would be directly originated that benefiting the social-economical condition of that area.

Faculties & Departments

Admission selection is on merit.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Intermediate with 2nd division from an accredited institute.
2. The previous degree in any discipline from a recognized institute of the HEC must be cleared with a minimum 45% total marks or 2.00/4.00.
3. Entrance Test must be cleared with 50%.

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. B.Sc and B.A with at least 2nd division from recognized University.
2. Minimum passing marks in the Entry test is 50%

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science
Information Technology

Department of Chemistry


Department of Natural and Basic Sciences


Faculty of Economics,Commerce and Business Administration

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration

Department of Economics


Department of Commerce


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Institute of Balochi Language and Culture


Department of Political Sciences

Political Sciences

Department of English


Department of Education


Faculty of Law

Department of Law


The scholarship scheme encourages the students to continue their future without any barrier. The University of Turbat offers the following scholarships.

1. Karim Dashti scholarship
2. HEC based scholarship
3. Waja Taj Mohammad and Mir Elahi Baksh scholarship

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Research & Development
Seminars & Workshops
University Ranking

The University of Turbat provides a wide area for research and development. Research to a search for knowledge. It is a part and parcel of human knowledge. It may be defined as a ‘careful critical inquiry or examination in seeking facts or principles; diligent investigation in order to ascertain something’. It is the systematic and scientific search for applicable information on a specified subject. It is the method of scientific data investigation.

Seminar and workshop are a group of people. That comes from different areas exchange concept of current issues and share them with others. Their own experiences, experiment, discoveries help others to seek more information about the specific topic. The seminar is a teaching methodology for higher education learning. A specific subject is conveyed as a report in the workshop and seminar. The report and its concepts yielded in the workshop and seminar are examined and considered through group debate. Workshop and seminar at the University of Turbat provide a great opportunity for the people of Mekran.