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University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus

About Us

The University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus strives for the excellent education with the help of outstanding staff. The university provides the highest quality academic learning to its students and the education portfolio delivered is outstanding.

The graduates are able to achieve the highest professional and personal standards around the globe.  The campus is spacious with all the resources students need for satisfaction. The University of Sindh, Mirpur Khas continues to progress and work hard to become an international university in the next few decades.

The mission of the University of Sindh, Mirpur Khas is to educate citizens to become better leaders and professionals in diverse fields.  Students are embarked on this challenging journey to have intellectual transformation.

University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus
University of Sindh Jamshoro (Parent Campus)

University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus – Admissions, Departments& Scholarships

The admission to the University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus opens in August. Students can apply online. The university will then assign the entry test date and the location of the test. Students will be also given their specific roll numbers for their tests.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. The students who scored a minimum 50% score in matric/O levels and in intermediate.
2. Students who scored 50% in NTS.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum 2.2cGPA in the undergraduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in GAT general test.
3. The selected students will be screened during the interview.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate programs
1. Students who scored minimum 3cGPA in the graduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in the GAT subject test.
3. The selected students will be screen during the interview.

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration

Department of Basic Sciences


Department of Information Technology

Computer Science
Information Technology

University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus offers the following scholarships to its talented and deserving students;

1. Sindh Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship
2. District Zakat Committee Scholarship
3. Need-Cum-Merit Scholarship
4. HEC scholarships
5. Minority Scholarship
6. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

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The University of Sindh Mirpur Khas campus is associated with the UK leading universities to promote activities related to the research and faculty development. The linkages have been made with the following universities.
1. University of Essex
2. University of Leicester
3. University of Manchester
4. University of Nottingham
5. University of Durham
6. University of Sussex

The students are given free choice to select their supervisors and work of them. Their work is funded and supported and quality research projects are mentioned in diverse popular and reputed journals.

Workshops and seminars are never restricted to being formal. Students have ease and can have direct communication with the presenters. Sometimes the handouts, in the end, are also given to the students who have a summary regarding the topic of presentation. They both create the educational experience which is intensive.