University of Punjab, Khanspur

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The University of Punjab, Khanspur is a  sub-campus of PU, Lahore which is a public university. University of Punjab Khanspur campus lies at an altitude of 2250 (7500 meters). The center is facilitating the Khanspur field station with appropriate field laboratories and data processing facilities. The facility is being used for CMIR students to arrange guided study tours to familiarize them with natural landforms and their geo environment. It is a unique facility that offers study tours, convey seminars, research projects, and capacity developing workshops. In addition to conducting skill-developing programs, this university is highly facilitated with appropriate field laboratories literature, and data processing facilities including drawing, drafting, and photography services.

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University of Punjab Khanspur campus offers admissions in BS MSc and Ph.D. programs as well as PGD.
Selection criteria For the undergraduate program
– Undergraduate programs of B/BE tech, BA, B.SC, BBA, LLB, and BCA are being offered by this university.
– Undergraduate must be eligible in 10+2 examination and a minimum of 50%marks
– Selection of B/BE tech is based on the joint entrance exam JEE along with 50% aggregate marks
– Selection criteria for BA and B.ED are based on the aptitude test with aggregate 50% marks eligibility.
Selection criteria For post-graduate program
– Candidates who seek admission in M/ME tech must have an aggregate of 50% minimum marks in
– B/BE tech from any eligible university, CET-PG aptitude test is also conducted.
– Selection for MSc is done through the CET-PG Aptitude test and must have a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
– Candidates seeking admission in MA should have 45 %marks aggregate and a bachelor’s degree
– For Ph.D. and m Phil specializations selection criteria are based on interviews and written tests candidate must have eligible marks in master’s degree  (minimum 55% and 50%, respectively).

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The University of Punjab Khanspur Campus offers numerous scholarships on merit. These scholarships have helped students in getting quality standard education. Here is the list of them
1.  Need-based and merit-based scholarships
2. Scholarships for foreign university students
3. Baluchistan education endowment fully funded (BEEF) scholarship.

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