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University of Gujrat (UOG), Marghzar Campus

About Us

The University of Gujrat Marghzar campus is a public sector university that is an extension of the University of Gujrat, established in 2003 by the Punjab government. The University of Gujrat Marghzar campus is located in the Marghzar colony in the city of Gujrat. Gujrat Is a city of ancient history also named Udanagri the everlasting or sweet-smelling city. The city is of marvelous educational history.
The mission of the University of Gujrat Marghzar is to facilitate and nurture the youth in fields of social policy, economy, and research so that they can compete on an international level and achieve excellence in research and teaching in all aspects, and to establish a world-class industry to assist society as a whole through research initiatives.
Both the faculty and the students involve and participate in research work and international and national conferences. With the tremendous efforts and determination of the staff and students, the University of Gujrat Marghzar campus is now a renowned university and has many famous published journals and papers.
Currently, six departments are working under the University of Gujrat Marghzar which includes the Department of Commerce, Department of Science, Department of English, Department of Information Technology, Department of Islamic Studies, Department of Zoology.

University of Gujrat Marghzar
University of Gujrat, Marghzar Campus

University of Gujrat Marghzar – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The University of Gujrat Marghzar campus offers education in undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses. Admissions are done online.

Eligibility criteria for Undergraduate Programs
– Minimum of 50 % marks in O level/matric and intermediate level, with 50% in entry test

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
– Minimum of 2.2 CGPA in the graduate program with 2.50% in GAT test

Eligibility criteria for Postgraduate Programs
– Minimum of 3 CGPA in the graduate program with 2.5 CGPA in subject GAT test

Department of Commerce


Department of Science


Department of English

English ✔

Department of Information Technology

Information Technology ✔

Department of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies ✔

Department of Zoology

Zoology ✔

The University of Gujrat Marghzar campus offers need-based and merit-based scholarships for exceptional and gifted students. The need-base scholarships are offered for students with poor family income to continue their studies without the financial burden.
– Peef Scholarships
– Shehbaz Shareef Scholarship
– Mora Zakat Scholarships
– HEC Need-Based Scholarships
– Merit-Based Scholarship

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The ORIC (office of research innovation and commercialization) place a significant role in research and development projects. It keeps tracks on catching up with the international standards and allows important events and research programs to be taught and studied.research and development itself is a basic necessity for the betterment and success of the society and the country respectively.

Seminars and Workshops provide a forum for students and the staff to gain hands-on experience and learn new things regarding social ethics as well as academics. They provide children with enough exposure to boost their skills as well as their confidence. The University of Gujrat Marghzar campus conducts frequent seminars and workshops to benefit and facilitate their students to help them build into a capable individual.