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University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Narowal Campus

About Us


The University of Engineering and Technology Narowal is a public university and is recognised by Pakistan Engineering Council and as well as the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. The institute has nurtured, recruited and retain high-quality faculty. The students’ centred approach is followed in many policy matters. The institute is generate the graduates who are globally competitive.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

  1. Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
  2. At least with second division from any recognised institution.
  3. 50% marks in the entry test. 


Admission opens in September. Students can apply online and submit the required documents. University will assign the entry test date.


  • HEC Need Base Scholarship
  • Profession Educational Foundation (PEF)
  • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • Pakistan Engineering Congress
  • Other scholarships

Research and Development

The university is recognised for its innovation and creativity and aims to become the leading institute in innovation, research, commercialising that has a positive effect on country’s economy and industries. University of Engineering and Technology has maintained its quality in research and teaching.

Workshop and Seminars                                                                                                           

Workshops and seminars are mostly free to attend. If attended, it can change the student’s life and perspective in his/her carrier. Students also meet like-minded people and learn a lot from them. University arranges seminars, conferences and workshops for such purposes.