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Narowal is a city with a rich history. According to a legend Narowal is approximately a 900-year-old city. The city comprises 109,000 inhabitants and is famous for its Faiz Ahmed Faiz park named after Faiz Ahmad Faiz who was also born in Narowal.

The University of Engineering and Technology Narowal (UET Narowal) is a public university and is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council and as well as the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. The Narowal campus is situated in the Narowal district of Punjab. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Narowal sub-campus was established in 2012 at Narowal Degree Collage, Narowal.
The campus shifted to its new location near Adda Siraj, Narowal in 2016. Five engineering programs at the newly established campus and have more than 650 students. The main objective is to make this campus, a leading engineering university in the near future. UET Narowal is the sub-campus of the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore and was inaugurated by CM Punjab Shahbaz Shareef in 2012. The University of Narowal was built to fulfill Shabaz Sharif’s dream of providing educational growth to the underdeveloped areas.
Narowal campus focusses on practical and industrial training and is providing several undergraduate BS programs in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer sciences, and other engineering. This institute has nurtured, recruited, and retain high-quality faculty. The students’ centered approach is followed in many policy matters. The institute is generating globally competitive graduates.

UET Narowal- Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Admission in The University of Engineering and Technology opens in September. The institute is currently providing only undergraduate programs. Graduate courses will be opening soon. Students can apply online and submit the required documents. University will assign the entry test date.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
2. At least with second division from any recognized institution.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.


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Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Department of Bio Medical Engineering NWL


Department of Electrical Engineering NWL

Electrical Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering NWL


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering NWL

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering NWL

Civil Engineering

Faculty of Chemical, Metallurgical & Polymer Engineering

Faculty of Earth Sciences & Engineering

Faculty of Architecture & Planning

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities & Islamic Studies

Department of Chemistry NWL


Department of Department of Basic Sciences u0026amp; Humanities (NWL Campus)


UET Narowal campus offers funded scholarships to the students in order to provide them with opportunities of achieving their dream even when they can not afford them.HEC Need Base Scholarship.
– Profession Educational Foundation (PEF).
– Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF).
– Pakistan Engineering Congress.

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Research is a significant tool for the development of the state and the university, furthermore, they help in the professional growth of the students and encourages them to be creative and innovative. The University of Engineering and Technology Narowal campus is recognized for its innovation and creativity and aims to become the leading institute in innovation, research, commercializing that has a positive effect on the country’s economy and industries. University of Engineering and Technology has maintained its quality in research and teaching.

Seminars and workshops are necessary for the grooming and better understanding of students. For this purpose seminars and workshops are conducted by the UET Lahore, Narowal Campus on monthly basis. Guest speakers are from academia or from industry to discuss the society’s needs that can be filled with solutions related to engineering. The problems related to industries are also discussed and how they can be solved by the graduate youth.

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