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University of Education, Vehari Campus

About Us

University of Education Vehari Campus was established in January 1998 and was initially named, “Government College for Elementary Teachers, Vehari.” At that time, the institution aimed at training in-service and aspiring teachers to improve their teaching skills and professional competency. Vehari was entitled to University College of Education Vehari on June 22, 2005.
Vehari is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Vehari is known to be a city of cotton, among different yields. Vehari has many cotton-producing lines and cottonseed oil fabricating plants; sugarcane cultivation and preparation are also a common practice. Agrarian items incorporate mangoes in the summer and guava and different citrus natural products in the winter. The city of Vehari has two prominent university campuses; COMSATS Vehari Campus and the University of Education, Vehari Campus.
University of Education Vehari Campus is a newly built institution with its eye-catching architectural design and peaceful location. This Campus is an institute that is on its way to step by step advancement in all educational, co-educational, strategic, and managerial perspectives. It began serving as a focal point of teacher training however now it has been changed into the main University Campus with variegated and wide range programs in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences computer sciences, the teaching profession, arts, and humanities. The University of Education Vehari is being developed concerning the present education scheme, future trends in education, sociocultural necessities of society, developing research culture, range of scientific learning, proficient competency, and expansive scope of academic projects. Keeping in view the scholarly capacity of the students of this remote territory and the introduction of developing academic disciplines, the University of Education Vehari Campus has a new Academic block with the most recent technological accessories, logistic facilities, administration building, library and science and computer labs furnished with all kinds of equipment and accessories.

University of Education Vehari Campus Admissions, Departments and Scholarships

University of Education Vehari

University of Education Vehari Campus offers admissions in different disciplines and selection is done purely on merit and criteria.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
– Intermediate or equivalent degree required
– 45% marks at least in the last degree

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
– BA, BSC degree in relevant subject with minimum 45% marks or 2nd division required to get admission in MA, MSC

Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
– MA, MSC, or BS degree in a relevant subject to get admission in MS/MPhil
– GAT test will also be required for MS/MPhil
– MS or MPhil degree required in the relevant degree to get admission in PhD
– University’s entry test is also required for PhD

Department of Chemistry


Department of Education


Department of English


Department of Information Sciences

Information Technology

Department of Mathematics


Department of Physics


Department of Economics & Business Administration

Business Administration

Department of Botany


Department of Zoology


The University of Education, Vehari Campus awards merits scholarships to students with outstanding performances and also to students who are in a financial crisis. University has allocated Rs. 22.0 million for merit scholarships. Need-based scholarships are awarded to 10% of total students of each program following the criteria given below:
– A student will be eligible if his/her parent’s/guardian’s declared monthly income is Rs. 15000/- or less.
– The conditions of passing the examination in a first go without appearing in the re-sit exam, will not be applicable for UE need-based

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The University of Education Vehari campus was established first hand to provide education and research In agriculture. This university has contributed vastly to the society with its renowned achievements. This institute has a vast network of interaction with other research-oriented institutes and has collaborated with many universities to contribute to the community. It provides the graduate students and supervisors a platform. Where they examine different aspects of their fields.

The University of Education Vehari campus conducts important seminars and workshops to provide a forum to which young minds can exhibit their innovations practices. Seminars and workshops are very beneficial for students because they provide the platform to the students on which they can enhance their skills and improve their knowledge. These events also allow students to connect with people in the real industry and set their aims and goals.