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University of Baltistan, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan

About Us

“The University of Baltistan”, was entrenched in the year 2017,  August and it is affiliated to Higher Education Commission. The mission is to provide the best education along with research opportunities to national and international communities via advanced techniques and trends in Higher education.  Later on, being a well known higher education foundation, the institute started working as a sub-campus of Karakoram International University in the year 2011.
It has four departments which include Computer science (CS), Modern languages, Business management, and Educational Development. Later on, after five years the department of Biological sciences came into being. It’s a public-sector university and one and only higher education institution that offers different degree programs in that region. Core value includes human dignity, social justice, peace, tolerance, and eco-friendliness. LOCATION The University of Baltistan is located in Skardu, the largest city of Gilgit-Baltistan. The geomorphological location of our university provides a strapping base for the present and upcoming programmatic schemes. The area where our university is situated has some valleys like Skardu, Khaplu, and Shigar, etc. The mindblowing beauty of this division attracts many national as well as international tourists along with many researchers every year, that’s the reason that all the doings in the university shows the local resources of the division. The university plays a very vital role in the educational expansion of the division as well as the nation through various programs.

University of Baltistan, Skardu
University of Baltistan, Skardu

University of Baltistan, Skardu – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The University of Baltistan offers admissions annually for a BS/Bachelor degree which is of 4 years and a Master’s degree which is of 2 years’ programs.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. 12 years of relevant education or equivalent with 50% marks from an accredited educational institution.
2. Valid NTS score as per the policy
Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. 16 years of relevant education from a licensed educational institution with good grades.
2. NTS GAT (General) with a minimum score of 50.

The University of Baltistan has different well-maintained departments including Business management, biological science, Computer science, Educational development and languages, and cultural studies.

Department of Business Management

Our department of business management has well experienced and professional faculty. The main features attracting students to the Business Management Department includes the method along with the quality of teaching and exposure. Guidelines of the HEC are strictly fulfilled.

BBA✔(3.5 yrs)

Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Science was an idea given  by the then Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Asif Khan during the visit of the President of Pakistan in august 2016 on the high demand of the public for higher education in Science subjects

Biology (Animal Science)
Biology (Plant Science)

Department of Computer Sciences

The Department of CS is one of the leading departments of the University. The department was founded in 2012 in the Karakoram International University, Skardu campus which, later reconstituted as the University of Baltistan, Skardu in 2017.

Computer Science

Department of Educational Development

The main aim of this department is to produce efficient educators with capabilities of change management through learning from life and for life, who can take part in educational institutions to ensure the quality of teaching and learning.


Department of Languages and Cultural Studies

The  English department at the University of Baltistan serves for the mentioned needs of the nation and the department’s goal is to produce the best learners along with the best oral and written skills which will enable them to care for their educational, linguistic, and economic needs.

ProgramsBS (Hons)M.AMS/M.PhilPh.D
English Linguistics and Literature

Department of Chemistry

The  Chemistry department at the University of Baltistan serves for the mentioned needs of the nation and the department’s goal is to produce the best learners along with skills that will enable them to contribute to developmental and economic needs.

ProgramsBS (Hons)M.AMS/M.PhilPh.D
Chemistry (organic & inorganic)

Department of Mathematics

The  Mathematics department at the University of Baltistan aims to produce efficient professionals in the field of mathematics, expanding the capacities of the graduates produced by this university to national and international levels.

ProgramsBS (Hons)M.AMS/M.PhilPh.D

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Department is initially offering Six Months Certificate Courses.

ProgramsBS (Hons)M.AMS/M.PhilPh.DCertificates
Tourism Principles, Practices, and Philosophies
Travel and Tour Management
Hotel Management
Communication Skills

The University of Baltistan offers a good amount of scholarship for needy people around who have the capabilities to provide a better future to the country but due to lack of resources, the could not. The following scholarships are offered to such students:
1. Merit scholarship which is given in the form of the full fee back to the topper of the session of all departments.
2. Prime Minister fee-reimbursement scheme which given to master students.
3. HEC need-based scholarship which is given to the financially weak students.

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The University of Baltistan is a leading public sector university in the research field having many publications with high impact factors in the HEC journal. Along with this Our university has various research groups, well-equipped research labs, and centers. In order to build a link between theoretical studies and practical work, we organize workshops and conferences too.

It’s necessary for every institute to sponsor workshops and seminars. These events address the issues and provide solutions to solve them. These events are beneficial for students as they interact and listen to the top-tier guest speaks. These events are also certified.