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University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Jalozai Campus

About Us

The University of Engineering and Technology (UET Jalozai campus) is one of the major attractions of Jalozai, Peshawar. The campus covers a total area of 402 acres having a rough estimate of 3240 students. It is a well-established campus that includes academic blocks, central facilities, sports facilities, hostels, sewage treatment plants, and infrastructure facilities. This campus provides its student with numerous academic and co-curricular experiences which help them learn and nurture their talents.
The UET Jalozai campus offers education in eight engineering disciplines including civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunication engineering, computer science and information technology, chemical engineering, petroleum, and gas engineering, and industrial also offers education in non-engineering subjects such as architecture and CSIT. The main objective of The University of Engineering and Technology (UET Jalozai campus) is to consolidate the university’s position as the center of knowledge development and turn itself from a teaching-focused higher education institution to an elite research institution.

UET Jalozai Campus- Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

UET Jalozai campus offers admissions in BSc programs in a variety of disciplines. Admission criteria of this university are;
For Undergraduate Programs
– 12 years of education with a minimum of 60% marks
– 50% marks in entry test
For Graduate Programs
– Bachelor’s degree in any relevant engineering course
– GRE general type test conducted by UATA = 50% weightage
– Departmental subject test = 50% weightage

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Scholarships that assist or cover costs of pursuing a higher education provide a number of benefits for recipients. From reducing the financial burden of the rising costs of higher education to allowing students more time and energy to focus on studies rather than part-time work, scholarships create a strong foundation for supporting students in their success in completing that degree.
The University of engineering and technology Jalozai Campus also provides need-based and merit-based scholarships to aid dedicated and deserving students in achieving their dream. Those who are applying need to fulfill the criteria for the scholarship.

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With time, the need for utilization of proper technology arises, which comes with proper marketing of applied research. Researches play an important role in invention and innovation as well as marketing and are a crucial element that allows the universities to be internationally competent.
The UET Jalozai campus undergoes research covering a wide area that allows us to acquire solutions to problems in different fields. UET Jalozai campus has up to date equipment to conduct international standard research and output in the form of products and services for community benefit.

The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Jalozai campus organizes seminars and workshops to provide a learning environment to its students.
1. A workshop on freelancing and entrepreneurship organized by the department of chemical engineering. 2. Career counseling workshop organized by CDC, UET, Peshawar.
3. Seminar on sustainable technologies organized by the department of industrial engineering.