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Sindh agriculture university Umerkot campus is located on King Akbar Monument Road Umerkot Sindh. Sindh inherits the fertile Indus Valley, which is well known for its glorious past. The excavation of Moen-Jo-Daro talks about the prosperity of Sindh for the production of agricultural commodities in the earliest times. Sindh province of Pakistan was a net exporter of food supplies to the entire Sub-continent during the nineteenth century. Located in the extreme south of Pakistan as one of the four provinces, Sindh presents a variety of soil and climatic conditions compatible with growing various cereal, fruit, and vegetable crops and maintenance of a large livestock population.

Sindh Agriculture University Umerkot has 8 departments currently in which students from diverse backgrounds study. The faculty of the University is highly qualified and efficient. They are concentrated on research and are helping the University to grow further. Its main mission is to contribute towards self-sufficiency and sustainability in agriculture to ensure food security by producing trained manpower, conducting problem-oriented research, and establishing effective linkages with the stakeholders.

Sindh Agriculture University Umerkot

Sindh Agriculture University Umerkot Admissions, Departments and Scholarships

Admission opens in July-August and students can apply online.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduates
→ 12 years of field related education, passed with at least 50% marks from a recognized institution
→ 50% marks in entry test
Selection Criteria for Graduates
→ 16 years of field related education, passed with at least 2.2 cgpa from a recognized institution
→ 50% marks in GAT general test

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Department of Crop Production

Crop Production    

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Sindh Agriculture university Umerkot offers diverse scholarships. There is no discrimination when it comes to providing scholarships. Students from any caste creed or religious background can apply. The following scholarships are provided.
1. Need-based scholarship
2. Merit-based Scholarship

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Sindh Agriculture University is among the top private sector Universities and the faculty members of the University have good impact factor publications published in the top journals of the world and are concentrated on research. University has made a research database to make the process of research easy.

Keeping in view the importance of three key areas of research, innovation, and commercialization in the development of the knowledge-based economy of the nation, the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC)  has been established at Sindh Agriculture University, on the directives by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Sindh Agriculture university Umerkot conducted various seminars and workshops for their students. Seminars are important and beneficial for those who have difficulty learning in a typical classroom setting where reading and writing are required. There is often a sense of friendship associated with seminar attendance because everyone is attending with a like interest in learning about a subject important to them.

Attending seminars and workshops can help students achieve success in their academic environment by putting these skills into practice. Seminars and workshops motivate students to make decisions about their careers.

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