Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University, Quetta Campus

About Us

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta is a public sector institute. It was founded in the year 2004, located in Quetta. It is affiliated with HEC. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta provides the women of Balochistan and the rest of Pakistan with an excellent standard of education and with the best skills regardless of creed, class, or age. It aspires to impart an education that only develops the minds of its females but also makes them socially responsible citizens. 
The university takes a holistic view of education and provides a quality education that empowers through knowledge and skills to partake fully in the economic development of Pakistan through participation in the workplace. The motto of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta is رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً.

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Admission in Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta is purely on merit.
Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. The candidates holding F.A/ F.Sc or equivalent qualification.
2. Clearance of the Pre-Admission Entry Test is mandatory for admission.
Eligibility Criteria for MA/M.Sc Programs
1. The candidates holding B.A/ B.Sc (14-Years of Education).
2. The clearance of the Pre-admission Entry Test is mandatory for admission.
Eligibility Criteria for MS/M.Phil Programs
1. The candidates seeking admission in MS/ M.Phil or equivalent Program shall qualify GAT-General.
2. Obtain a minimum of 50% marks.

Faculty of Life Sciences

Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology ✔

Department of Plant Sciences

Botany ✔
Biochemistry ✔

Department of Zoology

Zoology ✔

Faculty of Basic Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics ✔

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry ✔

Department of Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Department of Physics

Physics ✔

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of English

English ✔

Department of Fine Arts

Fine Arts ✔

Department of Education

Education ✔ ✔

Department of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies ✔

Finishing School

Oasis of Rose
Dress Making
Body for Life
Motor Driving

Department of Pak-Studies

Pak-Studies ✔ ✔
Political Science

Department of Sociology

Sociology ✔

Department of Social Work

Social Work ✔
Gender Studies
Media & Journalism

Department of Urdu

Urdu ✔


Faculty of Management & Computer Science

Department of Commerce


Department of Computer Science

Computer Science
Information Technology

Department of Economics


Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration
Business Studies
Public Administration

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta also appreciates the brilliant minds and give them scholarship as a token of appreciation. Scholarships are listed below.
1. HEC Need-based scholarship
2. Commonwealth scholarship for a doctoral program
3. USAID Need-based scholarship
4. HEC Need-based scholarship

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Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta plays a central role in research and development nationally and internationally. The aim of research and development is to provide an enabling environment for the students so that they create new ideas and putting them into practice for the benefit of all concerned. Research and development under the umbrella of ORIC provide the students with an opportunity to explore their future in multidimensional ways.

Besides educational activities, a number of workshops and seminars are conducted in Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta. These extra circular activities provide ample opportunities to inculcate and develop personal hobbies of students. All such activities are aimed to engender healthy competition among students. They can play a vital role in the dissemination of knowledge and build-up of skills. They facilitate intense deliberations through participation and interaction in an organized manner.

  • Amazing Compass
  • Library
  • Residential Hostel
  • Industry focus learning
  • Flexible learning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Teaching skills

Degrees are awarded to graduating students of SARDAR BAHADUR KHAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY QUETTA.