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Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar Campus

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Qurtuba University Peshawar is recognized by HEC and is placed in ‘’W Category’’. The programs are offered in many fields such as Management Sciences, Physical & Numerical Sciences, Chemical & Life Sciences, Law, Education, Literature, and Political Sciences and are filled with quality academic experience. The university provides an environment for quality learning and teaching.
Every individual is given the attention so they can reap their full potential.Qurtuba University Peshawar has produced dynamic leaders and has prepared its other graduates for public service. These students have a spirit for installing tolerance in themselves, learning more about culture and faith. Qurtuba University Peshawar also aims for academic excellence

Qurtuba University Peshawar
Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar

Qurtuba University Peshawar – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar offers admissions in several different disciplines. Students can apply online.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Candidate passed 12 years of field related education.
2. At least with second division from any recognized institution.
3. 50% marks in the entry test.
Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. The candidate passed 16 years of education with a 50% minimum.
2. 50% marks in entry test.
3 The selected candidates will be screened during the interview.
Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
1. The candidate scored 70% at least in graduate programs. 2. 50% in entry test.
3. The selected candidate will be screened during the interview.

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration
Management Sciences

Department of Physical and Num Sciences

Computer Science

Department of Chemical and Life sciences


Department of International relation and Political Sciences

Political Sciences
International Relations

Department of Linguistic, Literature and Religious Studies


Department of Teacher’s Education


Department of Law


Department of Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering

Institutional scholarships emerged as the strongest predictor of student persistence, progression, and timely graduation in all models explored. Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar also offers many scholarships to financially assist students who are deserving and eligible.
1. Rose Foundation Scholarships (for Chitral Students Only)
2. Merit Scholarship
3. NTS Merit Base Scholarship
4. HEC Indigenous Scholarship
5. FATA Students Scholarship
6.Founder Award Scholarship
7. Founder Award Scholarship

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The establishment of ORIC, the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization is an integral part of QUSIT. It aims to provide strategic and operational support to the University’s research activities/program and has a central role in facilitating the University’s research outcomes. ORIC fosters a research environment that promotes the research and consultancy culture and the culture of basic research which allows the researcher to engage in productive research activity.
Research projects not only benefit society but also the institute. The research projects are applicable and are innovative. Students also have access to the digital library which has many articles and papers for free. The research culture for Qurtuba University Peshawar is thriving and the institute is trying to collaborate with more prestigious research institutes.

Seminars and workshops are held in Qurtuba University Peshawar on several important topics. These events have a positive impact on students. Students can improve their language and listening skills and interact with scholars and get to know more about jobs and scholarships. The most popular conference held recently was 17th ICESS, International Conference of Economics & Social Sciences.